New Jersey Farmer Saves Man with His Tractor During Ida Flooding

by Jonathan Howard

Hurricane Ida wrecked through Louisiana and the aftermath of the storm flooded the northeast. New Jersey suffered greatly from the storms. There have been almost 30 reported deaths in the state as of Monday. When catastrophe strikes, it takes communities to come together in order to heal. Neighbors helping neighbors, that is how people survive in awful situations like these.

One instance of a neighbor going above and beyond happened in New Jersey recently. Among the floods, one farmer got his tractor out and became a hero. Richard Peek was hoping to meet a friend for the first time after an online friendship but was surrounded by floodwaters before he knew it. Watch the video here.

Luckily, his friend was nearby and had his tractor ready to go. Peek, who is from Maine, was there to gift Wesley Pandy a banjo. Pandy got the call that his friend was stuck and came to the rescue. Although they hadn’t met officially, Pandy got in his tractor and headed down.

“He says if I have to I’ll bring a big tractor and pull up next to you,” Peek said. During the intense situation, he decided to start live streaming to his YouTube page.

“It’s going to be up to the lord to get this water down because there’s nothing anyone could do to get me out of here,” he said while streaming his isolation. Thankfully, he didn’t have to wait for too long. Soon, he was rescued by his friend, banjo unharmed. As for Pandy, he says Peek doesn’t owe him anything.

“He wants to pay me for saving his life,” Pandy explained, “I was like Richard you don’t have to give me anything. You made me a banjo. That’s priceless.” What a wonderful perspective.

Ida Strikes New Jersey, Northeast with Floods

New Jersey was hit hard with floodwaters. Ida did not give any mercy. While Louisiana and the Delta region were hit the hardest by the initial storm, the aftermath in the northeast was no joke. In Pennsylvania, there have been at least four deaths. Maryland and Connecticut have reported at least one death. New York has reported 17 deaths and that could rise as well.

Floodwaters took over the subway in New York City. There were homes and apartments flooded and families left fending for themselves. Rescue and relief efforts will be important in the coming weeks. While there isn’t an army of Wesley Pandy’s running around with tractors, there is a robust effort to help those affected.

Down in Louisiana where the storm made landfall, there are hundreds of thousands without power still. This is a storm that impacted almost the entire eastern United States with extreme weather. It seems that it will take time to recover from the issues Ida caused.