New Jersey Man Captures Moment Tornado Destroys His Home in Horrifying Video

by Matthew Memrick

A New Jersey man’s three-minute video caught an EF-3 tornado destroying his house last week as Hurricane Ida rolled through the state.

When Hurricane Ida passed through New Jersey and the northeast United States last week, Mark Kobylinski’s Mullica Hill home was a victim to the powerful storm. 

The New York Post said Kobylinski’s video caught one of several tornados that went through the area, causing death and destruction. 

ABC reported that the tornados destroyed several homes in Mullica Hill neighborhoods, the local ABC TV news outlet reported

WHYY in Philadelphia said that one tornado nearly took out one of NJ’s largest dairy farms, trapping hundreds of cows in the process. Kobylinski’s home was near that farm, Wellacrest Farms.

According to NBC, at least 50 people died in six states as the hurricane brought record rainfall to the region. Of the 50, New Jersey had 27 victims, and rescuers are still looking for many missing people. 

Video Shows Tornado Destruction In Minutes

Kobylinski posted the full video to Facebook after the storm. Since then, it has picked up 1.2 million views, 21,000 shares, and more than 10,000 likes since last week.

“Long video but shows the Mullica Hill tornado [making a] direct hit on our home,” the 51-year-old said. “Incredible damage. Our neighborhood has been devastated, but everyone is safe!”

Kobylinski started the video on his back porch. When the winds picked up, they sounded like “freight train whistles.” The man soon went to the baseman with the family dog.

As he goes down the basement stairs, the lights go out. He starts to scream as the dog panics.

Within minutes, the wind dies down around his house as the tornado moves away. Kobylinski comes out of the basement to see the damage. He utters, “Oh My God,” as he sees a neighbor’s home torn in the tornado’s path in the distance.

Kobylinski pans the camera around his house. Through busted windows, he sees siding, roofing, and other house debris caught in the wind.

New Jersey, Other States Recover From Torando, Water Damage

According to The Associated Press, most victims died in flooded areas where they tried to drive through the water. Four died at an Elizabeth, New Jersey apartment complex when the water rose to 12 to 14 feet. NBC reported four died in the Philadelphia area.

At least ten counties in the New Jersey/New York area were under a state of emergency at the beginning of the week.

While President Joe Biden toured many affected areas this week, he asked Congress for an additional $24 billion in disaster aid for Hurricane Ida victims and other weather events this year. 

In New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Red Cross officials were working on getting $550 cash debit cards to victims to help pay for flood damage and other expenses.