New Orleans Issued Flash Flood Watch as Residents are Still Recovering from Hurricane Ida

by Jonathan Howard

There just doesn’t seem to be much relief for those affected by Hurricane Ida. New Orleans is preparing for flash floods as they start to begin the healing process. They will have to prepare for more water and flooding. There are still roughly half a million residents without power due to the damage from the storm.

Folks will have to wait while storms bring another two to four inches of rain in some parts of Louisiana. It is awful to hear this news as communities all over the state attempt to rebuild in the wake of the destruction. More rain is not what the state needs. Although relief efforts are underway, more extreme weather will only hinder and limit those efforts.

Hurricane Ida was a powerful storm. Unfortunately, by the time the storm was over, Ida killed 12 and left one million without power across the state. Winds of 170+MPH blew through as thousands of utility poles and other infrastructure were destroyed. There are almost a quarter of a million residents in the potential flash flood zones.

Part of the reason why the coming rains could lead to more floods, the debris from Ida. The National Weather Service warned that the debris from last week’s storms will lead to blockage of storm drains. Not to mention, the ground is already so saturated, it cannot absorb any more rainfall. Homes have been damaged and destroyed and residents are looking for some reprieve.

Hurricane Ida’s Destruction NOLA to NYC

Louisiana isn’t the only state that was hit hard by the storm. While New Orleans and the rest of the state have been devastated by the storm. Hurricane Ida continued to do damage up through the northeastern United States. New York was hit hard with the aftermath. Torrential rain came down on the northeast and flooded many parts of the region. New York City was hit very hard.

So far, New York has confirmed 17 deaths from the flooding. Their next-door neighbor, New Jersey has reported 27 deaths. Amid all the rain and storms, there were many videos shared of the aftermath.

Water flooding subways, basement apartments filled with water, and more. While residents recover, there is hope that more severe weather doesn’t make its way up to the northeast again.

For New Orleans, it seems they will just have to brace themselves once more. With the extra rain coming in, the southeast part of the state will be extremely vulnerable. Those without power will continue to survive the best they can as rescue and relief efforts attempt to do the best they can. Flooding can leave folks feeling helpless. It is a strong force of nature that can pop up out of nowhere and take cars, people, and homes with it. Here’s to hoping the affected areas are able to get a moment of peace in order to rebuild from the damage.