New Plan to Capture Escaped Zebras Is So Crazy It May Just Work

by Jon D. B.

How do Maryland officials plan to catch their infamous escapee zebras? Why, by bringing in more zebras, of course!

2021 has undoubtedly been the Year of the Zebra. Not one or two, but several separate breakouts by the exotic African equines have shaken the nation. Washington, D.C. residents saw a herd of zebras bust into traffic in September. October would then see the ‘Great Pumpkin Farm Zebra Escape.’

But the most harrowing zebra-fueled raucous comes courtesy of Maryland, where an entire herd of the striped beauties remains on the run. The situation continues to cause such a stir, in fact, that state officials have now hatched a brilliantly insane plan to reel them in.

After escaping their exotic Maryland farm, a small herd of zebras would spark several viral videos as residents continued to spot them on the run amidst everyday life. The story would take a tragic turn when one of the zebras was found dead in an illegal snare. But this has only fueled officials’ fervor to capture the remaining equines alive.

So how do they plan to accomplish this? According to Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources, the answer to catching zebras… Is more zebras.

The plan comes courtesy of Prince George’s County Animal Services and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). By it, the zebra’s Marlboro-based farm, from which the zebras escaped in September, are taking two zebras from their remaining herd and placing them in an exposed enclosure at the center of a corral. With the use of desirable foods and these fellow zebras, the owners hope their loose individuals will heed the need to feed and socialize and return to their herd.

Operation: More Zebras

“Our priority is to make sure the zebras are captured and returned to the herd,” DoE Director Andrea L. Crooms tells local WUSA 9.

“Once this is accomplished,” Crooms says, “the County will conduct a further investigation, and any actions including any appropriate charges against the owner will be evaluated.”

The plan, which we’re calling Operation: More Zebras (because obviously), has backing from veterinarians and wildlife officials. All parties believe this to be the “best approach” for successful capture of the loose zebras.

But they’ll need the public’s help. Prince George’s County officials continue to ask that any citizen zebra-sightings be reported to PGC311.

Residents are heeding the call, too. One recent sighting via Chris Horrell of Upper Marlboro has gone viral with 1 million views on Twitter. WUSA 9 has Hornell’s footage available to the public, which you can view below:

The latest zebra video, recorded by Chris Horrell of Upper Marlboro, will soon exceed 1 million views on Twitter alone.


Here’s to the grand success of Operation: More Zebras.