New World Record Brown Trout Certified, Weighs 44.3 Pounds: PHOTO

by Jennifer Shea

The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) has certified a new world record brown trout that an angler landed last autumn in New Zealand. The 44.3-pound fish came from New Zealand’s Ohau Canal.

Not much is known about the angler himself. He is identified in news reports as Seamus from Turgani.

See a photo of the fish here:

Trout Donated to Local Bar

One early morning in October of last year, Seamus was tossing and turning in his camper van near the canal, which is known as a big-fish hotspot. In fact, another angler caught a world record brown there in 2013, Field and Stream reports.

Finally, Seamus decided to get up and go fishing. Or rather, to go catching. So he set out to cast his line, and around 7:30 a.m., he caught something.

It was a monster. After catching it, Seamus took the specimen in to weigh it on a certified scale. Having noted its measurements, he headed over to the Razza Bar and Bistro in Twizel with the fish. Once there, he told staffer Sean Colenso that he’d like to give his catch to the bar, where it would hang next to two other locally landed fish – a 38.9 and a 38.2-pound fish.

So they froze the fish for the time being. And it is currently with O’Rourke Taxidermists.

Colenso told the Timaru Herald, “He did not stipulate whether it was Ohau Canal A, B, or C—he did not want to give too much away. I did not ask what he caught it on, either. He said he caught it about 7:30 a.m.”

Many anglers find large trout in the New Zealand canals. What happens is, food slips through the nets that are used by the area’s salmon farms. And that offers a constant stream of sustenance for the brown trout.

“They don’t move, they just stay in one spot and eat and eat,” Colenso said.

Prior to Seamus’s catch, the record catch was a 42-pound 1 oz. fish caught by Otwin Kandolf in 2013 in the very same canals.

You Know Who Elses Loves Trout? The Fonz

You may not think of iconic Happy Days actor Henry Winkler when you think of trout fishing, but the man behind Fonzie can’t get enough.

In recent weeks, the actor has posted multiple times with pics of his hauls and activities on the water. Considering how frequent the posts are, it appears as if Winkler is a versed angler.

Winkler can’t help but smile ear-to-ear as he holds a nice-looking brown trout from his boat. While Winkler is now in his mid-70s, he’s not retired quite yet. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t take breaks from the stage and screen to get out on the water and pull in some trout.