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1-Year-Old Boy Eaten by Crocodile After Being Snatched From Canoe With Dad

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by LUIS ACOSTA/AFP via Getty Images)

A 1-year-old boy suffered a horrific death on Thursday after an 11-foot crocodile snatched him out of his father’s canoe and ate him alive.

The U.S. Sun reports the boy’s father, 45-year-old Moherat, had been tying up the canoe in a bay on the coast of Borneo when the crocodile attacked. Moherat, desperate to save his child, struggled with the giant reptile in a final effort to rescue his son. Sadly, his efforts were to no avail and the crocodile also left the grieving father with multiple injuries.

Bystanders made an emergency call around 10:30 a.m. They reported to officials that a father and son were being attacked by a crocodile in Lahad Datu. Lahad Datu is located on the Malaysian part of the island.

The news outlet reports that the boy is still missing and local officials launched a multi-day search and rescue effort. Nevertheless, it’s presumed the child has died.

Sumosoa Rashid, the region’s Fire and Rescue chief, shared some of the details of the tragic encounter. Speaking about the father, he said, “The victim was rescued by members of the public, but suffered head and body injuries, and is now being treated at the Lahad Datu Hospital.”

Of the man’s attempt to save his son, he added, “Despite the man’s best efforts he ended up with numerous bite wounds and could not stop his son being dragged underwater.”

The fire and rescue chief also said that there are multiple videos “showing how the victim was attacked by the crocodile and then grabbed before being dragged to a nearby river.”

8-Year-Old Boy Decapitated in Costa Rica Crocodile Attack

Sadly, Moherat is not the only father left mourning the death of a child due to a vicious crocodile attack. At the end of October, an 8-year-old boy died after a massive 12-foot alligator attacked him. The creature seemingly took off his head before dragging the boy’s body into the waters of Costa Rica’s Matina River.

Witnesses to the horrific incident report that the large reptile decapitated 8-year-old Julio Otero Fernández while he’d been playing in the river near his hometown of Limón. One witness recalled, “It shook him (the child) and ripped off his little head. Then it grabbed him again and dragged him under.”

Crocodiles are a protected species in Costa Rica. That said, one of the creatures that match the description of the attacking croc was found dead weeks later. It had reportedly been shot and killed by a hunter. After emptying the remains of its stomach, those that discovered the dead croc found strands of hair and bone. Many believe the remains belong to the late child.

After the attack, Julio’s parents spoke out about their newfound hatred for the species. The boy’s mother, Margini Fernández Flores, said, “I will not stay here because they protect these animals and they are capable of leaving the river to attack more people.”

She continued, “The animal is dead. For me it is a great relief that they have killed it. I wish they would kill them all so no family ever has to go through pain like this again.”