1-Year-Old Girl Killed After Getting Hit by Giant Hail Stone During Storm

by Alex Falls

A one-year-old died on Wednesday after a freak storm hit Eastern Spain this week and produced giant hail stones that rained down across the region.

According to the New York Post, the young girl was struck by a ball of ice that measured 4 inches in diameter. Roughly the size of an orange. The ice storm was described as “short but very intense.” The deluge began around 7:30 PM on Tuesday and struck the area of Catalonia.

After the incident, the girl was subsequently rushed to the local hospital but passed away due to severe head trauma the next morning.

The tragic death was far from the only damage caused by the extreme weather. Meteorological services described the event as the worst hail storm seen in two decades. Furthermore, 50 more people were reportedly injured by the massive hail stones with some people suffering broken bones. One woman remains in the hospital with significant injuries while the local primary care center treated 28 other patients for various cuts and bruises.

In total, local first responders reportedly fielded over 40 calls for assisting injured persons as well as significant damage to buildings, electrical systems, and other property.

The apocalyptic scene was captured in clips going viral on social media. Video clips show the dramatic environment that destroyed tree branches, left holes in car windshields and pounded public places.

The region isn’t out of the icy woods yet either. Several areas remain on high alert for violent weather. This includes the possibility of hail stones over an inch wide, winds that can exceed 55 mph, and even the chance for tornados. Barcelona is currently on orange alert, or major risk, for severe rainfall.

Severe Storms in America

Across the ocean stateside, we’ve also seen extreme weather in certain parts of our country. Earlier this week, parts of the Midwest and Southern states experienced some severe storms of their own. Multiple deaths and numerous injuries have been reported according to a report from Yahoo. Damaging winds, heavy rain, and flash flooding ripped through the area and led to three deaths. Including two children in Michigan and one Ohio woman.

Hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses across Indiana and Mich were left without power after Monday’s storms. Dozens of schools canceled classes on Tuesday due to the damage and power outages. 

Effects of the storms are being felt as far south as Mississippi. A complication from the excessive rains combined with problems in a Jackson, Mississippi water treatment plant led to water being cut off from the homes of the entire city. The state’s Governor Tate Reeves declared a state of emergency. Consequently, the town remains without running water indefinitely.