10-Foot, 500-Pound Alligator Killed After Terrorizing Florida Family for Five Years

by Taylor Cunningham

A 10-foot, 500-pound alligator has been killed five years after it began stalking a Florida family.

A friend of the family killed the animal, dubbed Albert, on September 6th after he obtained a state alligator hunting license specifically to target the “aggressive” menace.

While talking to NBC2, Craig and Chrissy Masse, who own waterfront property in Part Charlotte first thought the massive reptile was alarming but relatively uninterested in them when it first began showing up at their house in 2017. But one day, it lunged at Chrissy while she was doing yard work. And it continued to target the residents and their pets from that day forward.

“Chrissy was cutting the grass over there and he came right at her,” Craig told the station.

“And I was mowing to get ready to turn around; he just popped up,” Chrissy added.

It wasn’t long before the alligator set its sights on the Masse’s two labradors, which the couple considers their “kids.” And that’s where the couple drew the line.

“We just see him all the time,” Chrissy said. “He’s very aggressive.” 

It Took Two Hours For the Hunters to Defeat the 500-Pound Alligator

Despite over 1.3 million alligators living in the state alone, the animals are considered a threatened species. Therefore, they’re federally protected. So the Masse’s friend, Ron Ollerenshaw, had to get special permission to kill Albert. And once he did, everyone waited for their chance to attack.

“I was like we got to get him. I can’t have him—I don’t feel safe,” Chrissy admitted.

On Tuesday, Chrissy spotted Albert swimming near the shore. So Ron and a friend immediately headed to the house.

“She says, ‘He’s here!’ Call Ron. I got stuff ready and there he was. Ron and Chop came flying here, and we got him,” Craig continued.

The alligator didn’t go down without a fight, though. It took three people two hours to pull the creature closer to shore using fishing lines with hooks. Then, they shot him with several arrows that were attached to cords. And with that, the alligator died.

 “Oh yeah! We got him, yeah!” cheered Craig.

“I wanted Albert gone,” Chrissy said. “I was, like, so happy.”

Once Ron, Chomp, and Craig had the massive creature on shore, they had to use an excavator to pull him from the water and put it in the back of a truck.

Ron said he’ll be keeping the alligator’s 40-lb head as a trophy.

“Thank God for Ron,” shared Craig. “He got his license! Yeah, brother!”