10-Year-Old Boy Has Leg Amputated After Being Attacked by 8-Foot Bull Shark

by Emily Morgan

An 8-foot bull shark attacked a 10-year-old boy, requiring doctors to amputate his leg in life-saving surgery.

The tragedy occurred last Saturday when Jameson Reeder Jr. was snorkeling off the Florida Keys. However, things took a turn for the worst when he was bitten by the shark. Before, he and his family were snorkeling in Looe Key reef, about five miles offshore. He was with his mom, dad, siblings, and uncle.

“They were out on a boat snorkeling along a shallow reef when a very traumatic event occurred. My nephew Jameson Jr. was attacked by what they believe to be an 8ft Bull Shark on his leg and took a crushing blow below his knee,” his uncle wrote in a Facebook post.

He continued: “They had to remove/amputate from just below the knee to save his life as it was not operable from the damage the shark had caused. They said the shark made the decision for him and wasn’t anything they could do to save it. But his life was spared. Thank you Yeshua/Jesus!!!”

His family flagged down another boat nearby with a nurse on it, half an hour after the shark attacked.

The nurse later placed a tourniquet around the boy’s wounds to stop the bleeding. Later, emergency officials airlifted him to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami.

Shark attack victim’s uncle creates fundraising page, reaches its incredible goal in just a few days

“The entire time Jameson Jr. was being cared for on the way to and at the hospital, he was sharing his faith and asking if others knew Jesus,” his uncle continued.

“If you know my brother Jameson this is how he has always operated and has a son Jameson Jr. who is just like him. Always sharing his faith and wanting others to know the gift of eternal salvation and the love and forgiveness Jesus offers to us.”

He continued: “He is now out of surgery and resting. But yet he is still strong and in good spirits and will love and tell of this great story to millions of people all over the world of how Jesus spared his life and saved him.”

Later, his uncle created a fundraising page to help pay for his medical expenses. Since then, it’s nearly reached its goal of $50,000, as more than $46,000 was donated on Thursday night.

“Jameson is an amazingly strong young man,” the fundraiser’s description read.

“He was able to get his family’s attention and hang onto a float until the boat could get to him. God was watching out for him and has been in every detail. They could have lost their sweet boy, but Jameson knew Jesus was with him,” it added.