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10-Year-Old Florida Girl Remains Calm Throughout Terrifying Shark Attack

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Joseph Prezioso/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

On Sunday, authorities had reported that a person was bitten by a shark at a Martin County beach that afternoon. At first, the local authorities offered little information about the incident.

Deputy Chief Michael Ewing of the Jupiter Island Public Safety Department said the agency responded to a shark bite injury at the Hobe Sound public beach around 1 p.m.

They announced that the patient had been treated by Martin County lifeguards. Then, the victim had been taken to a local hospital by Martin County Fire Rescue.

At the time, no information about the person or their condition had been released. However, that’s changed. We now know that the brave survivor of the attack was a 10-year-old Floridian girl from Palm City.

Jasmine Carney is a confident girl from her hospital bed as she declares victory.

“I fought a shark and won,” Carney she said.

The young girl fought off the shark bravely at Hobe Sound Beach on Sunday afternoon. The young girl recounted the incident to a local outlet.

“Something grabbed me,” she said. “It looked pretty big and it was gray. It hurt, so I’m like, kick it (and) run away.”

Her adoptive grandmother, who goes by “Nana,” said she was “amazed.”

“She came running up that beach, screaming, ‘Nana! Nana! Something bit me. Something bit me,'” she recalled. “And I saw all the blood and went and got a lifeguard.”

Carney was then flown by helicopter to Palm Beach Children’s Hospital at St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach.

Victim’s Surgeon Speaks On Young Girl’s Bravery After Shark Attack

Jasmine’s surgeon, Dr. Nir Hus, was stunned at the child’s calm nature and spoke to the outlet about the young girl’s bravery.

“She was very positive from the get-go,” he said.

Hus then described the severe injury to Carney’s right foot, which left the child with a missing part of her appendage.

“There’s a piece missing,” he said. “Luckily for her, this was the only location that she was bitten.” However, fortunately, Hus said Carney should make a full recovery in one to two months.

For now, Carney credits her 6-year-old brother, Jackson with helping to calm her down.

“He’s pretty curious, so I might as well stay calm because I know he wouldn’t want me to be scared, because he’s the best little brother in the world,” she said.

Jasmine is surely one brave young kid, and we wish her and her family the best in the road to a speedy recovery. However, we’re fortunate the incident didn’t end worse.

Shark attacks remain rare. There were 73 unprovoked incidents recorded around the world last year, according to annual research. The Florida Museum of Natural History’s International Shark Attack File conducts this research, and claimed that three of these incidents occurred in California, resulting in one death.