10-Year-Old Hunter Takes Down Massive Black Bear with Crossbow

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images)

A 10-year-old Arkansas hunter has an exciting story to tell after taking down a massive black bear with his crossbow.

According to ktlo.com, Dylan Connor, a young hunter from Fulton County, AR took down a large black bear, after heading out during the state’s deer season. However, in a sudden twist of events, the deer hunting trip ended with Connor putting an arrow into the black bear’s hide. He took the bear near the Baxter/Fulton County line.

Per the 10-year-old’s account, the memorable hunt began after he saw an armadillo running through the woods. Soon enough, the young hunter realized why the armadillo went scurrying by as a large black bear came within 12 steps of him. And for Connor, it was close enough to take a shot.

The photo shows the proud young man kneeling by the bear, his bow slung over its side. Given his age and the size of the beast, Connor’s trophy has earned him tons of media and social media attention. However, even more exciting, the 10-year-old AR resident is looking forward to taking home a hard-earned bear rug.

Meanwhile, other hunters across the state are preparing to take home trophies of their own. KTLO reports AR’s archery season for deer began at the end of last month, September 24th. Meanwhile, muzzleloader is also coming up, with opening day on Saturday, October 15th, and modern guns permitted as of November 12th.

Maine Hunter Takes Down Massive Black Bear That ‘Terrorized’ Neighborhood

It’s always fun to observe black bears from a distance as they lumber through the woods and foliage. However, some of them are just plain nuisances. In more urban areas, they rip through trash cans, making the morning commute to work even more miserable if you’re the one lucky enough to pick up the trash it left behind. And in rural areas, they can wreak havoc on residents, tearing down bird feeders and coming way too close for comfort. That’s why it was such a big deal when Maine hunter Jamie Lambert finally took down the massive 500-pound bear that locals had deemed the “Zodiac.”

Before finally claiming the life of the large bear that had terrorized his neighborhood for years, Lambert spent a lot of time learning the animal’s habits and tracking it. Eventually, he would befriend his neighbor Mike Clough who, alongside Lambert, would step out as hunting partners. But Clough, bothered by the animal’s presence and destruction, soon invited Lambert to hunt his property in an effort to end its chaotic reign.

Speaking about the hunter’s search for the “Zodiac” black bear, Clough previously said, “That bear terrorized my neighborhood … He was a bird feeder ripper. He was around houses.”

And a bear that’s unafraid of humans is a dangerous bear.

Nevertheless, after mass amounts of time spent tracking and analyzing the bear, Lambert brought it down. Of his kill, he said, “My biggest bear before [the Zodiac] probably was 205 [pounds]. I’d seen big bears on camera, but to see that one on the ground is just a surreal thing.”