11-Year-Old Shark Attack Survivor Gets Huge Surprise From His Heroes

by Megan Molseed

Young Jameson Reeder Jr. faced a tragic shark attack this summer that altered the 11-year-old’s life forever. While swimming at a Florida beach during a family vacation this summer, Jameson Reeder found himself facing a bull shark in a terrifying moment leaving the young swimmer tragically injured.

Reeder did face nearly critical injuries that left the boy with a partial amputation of his right leg. However, through it all, the young man is staying positive. He has even been quoted in a recent interview stating that the “9-foot bull shark should have taken me down.”

Now, one of Jameson’s heroes…and one of the few people in the world who understand all that the young man is going through has reached out to the young boy. Surprising Reeder as he continues on his journey to healing.

Jameson Reeder Gets A Big Surprise From Legendary Surfer

When Jameson was healing from the August shark attack, the 11-year-old boy spent quite a bit of time watching movies. And, among these films is the touching biopic film Soul Surfer which tells the story of surfer Bethany Hamilton who suffered a similar shark attack. Hamilton lost her left arm in the attack. However, her dedication and strength pushed Hamilton back into the water. Overcoming all obstacles.

And, Hamilton reached out to Reeder, sending the brave boy a special message as he continues to heal from the terrifying ordeal. According to Jameson’s mom, Hamilton discussed learning to adapt to the new life with a prosthetic and how it is important to “try hard things” in order to overcome the injuries. It was these qualities that helped Hamilton return to the professional surfing scene.

“And she invited me to her surf camp in Hawaii,” Jameson says proudly of the visit. Another big-time surfer, Kelly Slater reached out to the young patient as well.

Jameson Hopes To Return To The Reef Where The Shark Attack Occurred

While surf camp in Hawaii is definitely on Jameson Reeder’s “to do” list, he has one thing he wants to do first. Return to the reef where the attack happened, facing his fears head-on.

So far, the brave 11-year-old has faced multiple surgeries, and he still has a few more ahead. The road to his recovery will be long, but he has the “right attitude for it,” Reeder’s father says.

“He’s eager to get out of the wheelchair already,” the proud father says of his brave son.

“I am very sad that my foot is gone,” Jameson says of his injuries. “But I’m happy to be alive.”