12-Ft. Sharks Hunt in Pack Near Famous New York Beach: See the Terrifying Clip

by Emily Morgan

Beachgoers in New York had their day ruined when numerous 12-foot sharks were spotted near Fire Island. Onlookers were terrified when they spotted five giant sharks hunting in packs near the island. However, it wasn’t humans they were after— they had their sights set on a school of fish.

Later, the group of underwater carnivores was seen preparing to attack a school of bunker fish. Luckily, photographer Duncan Weir was in the area and captured an amazing aerial shot of the animals as they stalked the fish.

Weir shared the ominous footage amid a recent spike in shark attacks and sightings. The video can be seen here.

The fierce pack of sharks can be seen rallying with each other to take out their prey, who were around 200 yards from shore. Onlookers could see the sharks spreading out, staying close to the water’s surface, preparing to attack the school of fish from all angles.

Officials at OCEARCH, an organization that collects data on oceans, suggested that sharks are getting more brazen about getting closer to dry land in pursuit of a snack.

“The real increase in shark sightings is because of the return of the bunker,” said Founder and expedition leader Chris Fischer about the breed of fish known as menhaden. The species swims in large schools close to the water’s surface during the spring, summer, and fall.

New York shark sighting comes as researchers see jump in attacks

The creatures, dubbed “the most important fish in the sea,” are known for being pursued by packs of sharks.

Fischer added: “The way the sharks hunt menhaden is that they push them up against the beach. They crowd them against the beach, and then they start to take turns darting through them to feed.”

The sharks in the clip can be seen using intimidation tactics as they head toward the school of fish. Then, they go in for the kill.

Recently, people have been warned to keep their eyes open when visiting beaches after a series of shark attacks terrified beachgoers.

At least six attacks have been reported in just a few weeks. Thankfully, none have been fatal.

Max Haynes, 16, was surfing on Fire Island when he felt one of the beasts chow down on his foot. He was just 45 feet from the shore.

In an interview, he said, “I felt something on my foot like a bear trap, just get me from below. It went straight for my foot and clamped down.”

Similarly, 41-year-old Shawn Donnelly was knocked off his surfboard when a sand tiger shark came after him on July 13. Afterward, he was left with a four-inch gash wound to the leg after punching the shark in the face as a defense.

In addition, a shark went after a 49-year-old tourist from Arizona at Seaview Beach on the same day. According to reports, police said the “shark came up from behind and bit him on the left wrist and buttocks.”