12-Year-Old Pennsylvania Boy Bags 600-Pound Black Bear

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Maxym Marusenko/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

12-year-old Holden Long scored his first black bear during mentored rifle season recently. He shot the huge bear while hunting with the Misfit Crew in Clinton County. The beast weighed in at a whopping 633 pounds.

According to the 2021 Black Bear Harvest Age Data for the Northcentral Region of Pennsylvania, the closest bear in weight to Long’s was 510 pounds. It was estimated to be 9 years and 10 months old. However, there are no additional details on what the bear was shot with or the range, only that it had been shot in Clinton County.

Photos of the massive beast can be seen by clicking here.

The closest bears in weight to Long’s in the Northcentral 2021 season were a tie between Lycoming and Clearfield Counties. Each had a bear weighing 542 pounds. That weight still marks a 91 pound-difference from the bear this young hunter bagged.

Holden made a 110-yard shot, rolling down a mountain side, and made a second shot to finish it off.

He was being mentored by his father, Chris Long, who coached him through the process. Holden downed his bear with a Ruger Hawkeye 260 rifle with hand-loaded 125 grain nosler partition bullets.

Tristan Frederick and Cahle Frederick joined the Longs on their hunt that day. The young Fredericks are mentored by their dad, Doug Frederick, and their uncle, David Frederick. It was a great moment for the whole crew.

Black Bear Caught Halfway Through Passing Tapeworms in Stomach-Churning Clip

black bear was caught on camera as it was halfway through passing tapeworms in this stomach-churning clip.

In this graphic video posted to Instagram by the folks over at NatureIsMetal, a bear walks while a trail of horrifying tapeworms follows behind him.

The video starts as the bear stands in the rushing water of a small stream. It seems that the approaching filmer scared off the bear, and when it turns around, the gross trail of tapeworms is revealed. Multiple strands which appear to go back on for over a yard follow behind the bear.

WARNING: People with sensitive stomachs may want to keep on scrolling. The video is below.

Plenty of users took to Instagram to react to the incredibly gruesome footage.

“Someone would be reading this while eating sushi,” one person joked.

“This is one of the grossest things on this page in a long time,” another user wrote. Clearly, people were horrified by the video.

Bears are currently stocking up for the winter in preparation for hibernation.

Bears of northern regions, including the American black bear and the grizzly bear, hibernate in the winter. During hibernation, the bear’s metabolism slows down, its body temperature decreases slightly, and its heart rate slows from a normal value of 55 to just 9 beats per minute. They normally do not wake during their hibernation. They can also go the entire period without eating, drinking, urinating, or defecating.