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13 Bald Eagles Poisoned After Scavenging Euthanized Animal Carcasses

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Several bald eagles are facing major health issues after likely being poisoned by scavenging off of euthanized animal carcasses. These carcasses were improperly disposed of at a local landfill. According to reports, 13 bald eagles were affected in this event. Three of the majestic wild animals have since passed away as a result of the poisoning.

The Bald Eagles Were Found Near A Minneapolis Landfill After Scavenging On Poisoned Animal Carcasses

According to reports, federal wildlife officials are investigating the tragic happenings in Minneapolis after the bald eagles were discovered earlier this month. The majestic birds affected by the poisoned carcasses were discovered near the Pine Bend Landfill, reports note. This landfill is located in Inver Grove Heights a Minneapolis suburb, the officials explain.

Updates on the ill raptors note that ten of the 13 eagles remain in intensive care at the University of Minnesota Raptor Center. Three of the 13 have unfortunately died after ingesting the poisoned meat.

Officials at the Raptor Center anticipate that the remaining birds will recover from the poison after some care. According to Victoria Hall who serves as the University of Minnesota Raptor Center’s executive director, the bald eagles were discovered lying motionless and face down in the snow. Officials relate how they weren’t even sure the birds were alive when they were first discovered.

The Poisoned Carcass Had Been Euthanized By Pentobarbital And Left At The Landfill Earlier This Month

According to reports, veterinarians examining the poisoned eagles say that the large raptors had eaten part of an animal that had earlier been euthanized with pentobarbital. Investigators looking closely at the case confirm that these euthanized animals had been brought to the landfill on December 2.

According to Victoria Hall, the animals had been chemically euthanized. And, the official says, these animals must be disposed of in a manner that wouldn’t harm others. Including during a scavenging scenario such as this one.

Reports also note that the poison wasn’t the only health-related issue facing these once-endangered birds. While 13 birds were discovered motionless by the landfill, 11 of the animals were brought in for care after two passed away onsite. Three of these 11 bald eagles were battling the effects of lead poisoning officials note. And, one of the eagles was discovered to be suffering from the bird flu.

Those hoping to help with the care for these affected bald eagles are invited to donate to the cause via a fund set up for this purpose.