13-Year-Old Florida Girl Fights Off Alligator Attack Near Boat Dock

by Lauren Boisvert

A 13-year-old girl survived an attack from an alligator on Sunday, July 24 in Hardee County, Florida. Briann Morr was swimming at the Gardner Boat Ramp in Zolfo Springs when she heard something enter the water. She shared her story with NBC-2 out of Fort Myers.

“I turn around because I heard something go through the water and the gator tried to grab my foot and I kicked my foot under the water,” Morr said. “I saw its mouth open ’cause I turned my head and I saw its mouth open and close on my arm and that’s when I smacked it.”

Briann’s mother Krystal Morr rushed her to the hospital, where she was stabilized. “I felt my back and there was a hole in it,” Briann shared. According to NBC-2, Briann was having trouble lifting her arm, but doctors believed the gator caused no irreparable damage to the teen.

“I feel lucky to have my daughter,” Krystal shared. “Right now we’d probably be planning a funeral if she didn’t think so fast.”

Florida Fish and Wildlife said that a nuisance alligator trapper was dispatched to the scene to potentially trap or kill the gator. If it was a large gator, it would be killed. A smaller gator would be relocated to a less populated area. Currently, it’s unknown how large the alligator was, or if the trapper located it.

Massive Alligator Lets Out Huge Roar As Officials Remove It From Under a Jeep in Florida

On Friday, July 22, Sheriff’s deputies responded to an 11-foot alligator camping out under a Charlotte County, Florida resident’s Jeep. They trapped the reptile and attempted to escort it off the premises. But, while they were taking the gator away, it let out a bone-chilling roar, clearly not taking kindly to being removed from its new residence.

According to the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Department, deputies responded to the home where the huge gator had staked its claim. They were assisted by Florida Fish and Wildlife officials as well. Once the gator was out from under the Jeep, officials measured the reptile. It came in at 11 feet, 2 inches. The massive gator even took out the resident’s front yard light pole in retaliation. I knew alligators hissed but I never thought I’d see one throwing a hissy fit.

The pièce de résistance of this gator removal was definitely the earth-shattering roar, though. But, all good things must come to an end, and that includes a gator parking it under someone’s Jeep. The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Department posted the video on Facebook and tagged the post with a wry #welcometoSWFlorida. Welcome to South West Florida, indeed. Welcome to Florida in general, if I’m being honest.