15-Year-Old Boy Decapitated by Crocodile While on Fishing Trip

by Emily Morgan

A group of friends’ fishing trip turned into tragedy when a crocodile decapitated a teenage boy.

The victim, Farjan Idham, 15, was torn apart by the beast at a lake in Indonesia on Aug. 2. Once the killer croc struck, his panicked friends fought as hard as they could to save him.

Before the tragedy occurred, he sat on a nearby log to rest at Lake Tolire in Ternate City when the predator pounced out of the water and pulled him under the water, per The Sun. His horrified friends attempted to help their pal, but the croc’s tail struck them as soon as they did.

As a result, they panicked and retreated to the shore, trying to find help. Once on the scene, authorities launched an intense search for Farjan after the vicious creature mauled him to death.

Finally, authorities recovered his body two days later. However, officials said crocodiles prowling around his body and the lake’s treacherous terrain delayed their rescue efforts.

According to officials, one looming crocodile kept appearing next to the body and moving it around the lake. Finally, on Aug. 4, rescuers pulled his body from the water.

Authorities spent two days after the crocodile attack locating the boys’ remains

Per reports from Ternate Search and Rescue Agency head, Fathur Rahman, the crocodiles ripped both of his arms off, while his head had nearly been severed from his neck.

Authorities took the teenager’s remains to a funeral home before being turned over to his grieving family. In the aftermath of the tragic incident, Lake Tolire officials have temporarily closed the lake to tourists.

The Indonesian archipelago is home to 14 crocodile species, with a large population of massive and violent estuarine crocodiles that swim in the region.

The tragedy comes after a similar crocodile killed a young girl in front of her horrified friends while swimming. A crocodile mauled 14-year-old Intan Maria Sari, 14, in the Indonesian province of Riau.

According to reports, the young girl and her friends were washing their clothes in the river before diving in the water to enjoy the cool water. Sadly, their fun-filled moment turned into dread when the crocodile pulled the young lady under the water’s surface.

Her friends watched helplessly and rushed to call their parents for help as she never reappeared above the water.

In addition, around the same time across the world, two Americans were killed by a crocodile at a popular vacation resort in Mexico.

The horrific event left a 24-year-old man and his 30-year-old friend in the hospital. The civil defense office in Jalisco said Wednesday that the first American suffered injuries to his legs, arm, abdomen, and chest. The second man, who went into the water to help his friend, suffered a wound to his hand.