22-Year-Old Climber Dies Following Fall From Colorado’s Black Wall

by Caitlin Berard

On Tuesday morning, 22-year-old Boulder, Colorado, resident Maya Humeau set out with a friend to tackle the Black Wall, a popular multi-pitch rock climbing area in Mt. Evans. An experienced climber, Humeau loved everything about “the Colorado lifestyle,” and this trek was simply the latest in a long line of physically challenging adventures.

The day would end in tragedy, however, as while the duo was making their way up the rock face, the University of Colorado Boulder senior fell, plummeting more than 100 feet to her death.

The friend who witnessed the horrific event immediately called 911 and multiple rescue crews rushed to the scene to help. In addition to Clear Creek sheriff’s deputies, the Alpine Rescue Team and Flight For Life Colorado responded to the incident.

Upon their arrival, however, first responders discovered there was nothing they could do for the climber. The young outdoorswoman was pronounced dead at the scene. Thankfully, they were able to recover her body from the rock climbing area.

Parents of Climber Speak Out Following Her Death at Colorado’s Black Wall

On Wednesday, Maya’s parents, Thierry Humeau and Dana Chladek, spoke to FOX31, explaining that she died doing what she loved most.

Both Olympic athletes who competed in kayaking and canoeing events, Thierry and Dana cultivated an adventurous spirit within their daughter, making Colorado the perfect fit for the family. “Climbing and living the Colorado lifestyle, she was so happy here,” Maya Humeau’s mother explained. “[Maya] started kayaking with us. She went to the Junior World Championships.”

According to her father, Thierry Humeau, Maya was always careful not to take things too far with her hobby. She was, however, highly dedicated to the activity. “She was not a daredevil,” he explained. “But she was getting very serious about climbing. She really loved it.”

Maya Humeau Died ‘Doing What She Loved to Do’

Though Maya Humeau’s parents encouraged her to continue doing what she loved, they also urged her to climb as carefully as possible. “We were terrified every day,” her father said. “We talked about it a lot, and we always mentioned to her to be really careful, double, triple check everything.”

“She died doing what she loved to do,” he added.

In her last Instagram post, Maya Humeau shared videos and pictures from a weekend at The Diamond, a world-famous Alpine climb in Rocky Mountain National Park. And it’s clear to see that her father’s words couldn’t be more true.

“I’m buzzing after spending an incredible weekend up at the Diamond,” she wrote. “I forgot how much fun it is to try hard up there!”

Friends and strangers alike have now flooded the comments of the post with messages to both Maya and those who love her.

“Rest easy Maya. You had so much joy and happiness in you that you shared, it seems, with everyone,” one user wrote. “It was a blessing to have met and known you, Maya. You are quite a special soul,” another said.