2,554-Pound Pumpkin Sets New U.S. Record: PHOTOS

by Craig Garrett
(Photo by Christoph Schmidt/picture alliance via Getty Images)

The nation’s largest pumpkin, a 2,554-pound monster gourd from upstate New York, has broken the previous record. Saturday at the Great Pumpkin Farm, a new national record was set for the heaviest pumpkin. The 2,554-pound pumpkin grown by Scott Andrusz of Williamsville was the biggest this year. According to The Buffalo News, the national record was previously 2,528 pounds. However, that was before the local grower’s pumpkin was presented at Clarence Farm on Saturday.

According to a news release, Andrusz had intended to merely break the New York State record of 2,517 pounds. His pumpkin will be on display until October 16 at the Great Pumpkin Farm. The first pumpkin to break the 1,000-pound mark at the Great Pumpkin Farm was during the 1996 annual fall festival. That 1,061-pound pumpkin held the Guinness World Record until 2021 when a farmer from Italy grew a 2,702-pounder.

The Great Pumpkin Farm has a plethora of activities such as amusement rides and hayrides, in addition to an expansive corn maze. For the more outdoorsy people, there are also pumpkin and apple picking patches; for those who like friendly competition, test your aim at the shooting gallery. And of course – no visit is complete without viewing the Halloween decorations. An image of the current pumpkin US record holder was shared on Twitter.

What will it take for the US to grab the World’s largest pumpkin title?

Stefano Cutrupi, from Radda in Chianti, Tuscany, has been growing giant pumpkins since 2008, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. On 26 September 2021, he presented the super-sized squash at the 10th edition of the Campionato della Zuccone pumpkin festival in Peccioli, near Pisa. At the “Lo Zuccone” event, representatives from the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth assessed the quality of the produce and confirmed that it is good enough to be entered for competition.

On the day of the contest, everyone was anxious, including Cutrupi. He would only find out if he set the record then, so all eyes were on him as they wait for the official announcement.

“In my head, I was reliving the whole journey to get to that moment,” Cutrupi explained. “All the time dedicated to cultivation, to the search for new ideas, the time spent comparing myself with other growers, my sacrifices, and the sacrifices of those closest to me… there were good moments but I also had to swallow bitter pills.”

“At the time of the weigh-in, I had my back to the screen,” Cutrupi recalled. “When my friends and the audience saw the weight, they swept me up in celebration. At that moment I knew I had made it. I screamed until I lost my voice.” 

Cutrupi didn’t just achieve the top spot at the Lo Zuccone contest but also claimed second and third place.