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6-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Takes Down His First Buck, And His Reaction Says It All

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

A 6-year-old cancer survivor has a lot more to celebrate than just his health after he took down his very first buck and his reaction says it all.

In the now-viral social media post, the 6-year-old cancer survivor, Case McIver, is seen showing all kinds of emotions after getting his first buck. “BUCK DOWN!!!!!!!” the caption reads. “First buck, and I wouldn’t trade him for all the 180’s in Kansas!!! 6 years old, only ever killed deer on public land, he’ll drag plenty more in his day!”

According to his supporters’ Facebook page, the 6-year-old Mississippi cancer survivor was diagnosed with Mature B Cell lymphoma, cancer when he was only four years old. In an emotional post, his mother confirmed the diagnosis. “We got biopsy results back this afternoon and it confirmed that he has Mature B Cell lymphoma. We won’t know exactly what kind or what stage it’s in until sometime Wednesday. Even though that is a hard pill for us to swallow, and even harder for us to accept, our Case is so strong and brave. We have no doubt he will beat this.” 

Luckily, Case’s mother was absolutely correct and he beat cancer quickly. The 6-year-old cancer survivor was then able to get his first buck. Case’s father Chase recently shared a snapshot of the 6-year-old catching his first kill with his grandfather. “First kill for him and his Papa together, and to be honest I wanted that to happen more than anything. That boy makes me proud!”

Ted Nugent Reacts to the 6-Year-Old First Buck Kill 

The video of 6-year-old cancer survivor Case McIver catching his first buck was reposted earlier this year. Among those who reacted to the post was American rock music, Ted Nugent.  “Go [Case] go!” Nugent declared in the tweet. “Uncle Ted loves you!” 

The person who posted the video on Twitter, Derek Eaves reacted to Nugent’s tweet by declaring, “Thanks Uncle Ted for that. Great kid!” 

Others also reacted to the post and wrote words of encouragement for the 6-year-old cancer survivor. “Thanks for recognizing our amazing boy!!! His papa wrote. To which the original poster tweeted back, “I prayed for this young man a lot. When I saw Chase’s post, I had to reach out.  I wanted to do all I could to make sure the world could see this video.  Ain’t God Great!!!”

Others shared encouraging words for Case. Which includes praising God for helping to heal him. “Awesome, little man!  Neither you nor your dad will ever forget that day…it’s a memory maker, and a dad [gun] good one at that!”

Another person went on to add, “I’m not even a hunter and never been hunting, but this makes me so happy. Couldn’t stop smiling for Case watching this video. Congrats Case! What a great memory you just created!”