73-Year-Old Woman Stabbed by 100-Pound Sailfish That Jumped Out of the Water

by Emily Morgan

A woman had to go to the hospital after a 100-pound sailfish jumped out of the water and stabbed her during a fishing excursion. The attack occurred off the coast of Florida as her fellow fishermen attempted to reel in the sailfish. 

According to a report from the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, Katherine Perkins, 73, a native of Arnold, Maryland, was injured after the Sailfish struck her in the groin area with its bill on Tuesday. 

The incident occurred as she stood in a boat while her two fellow anglers tried pulling the fish in on a fishing line to snap a picture. 

“The sailfish jumped out of the water and stabbed Katherine in the groin area while she was standing next to the center console” of the fishing boat, the sheriff’s office said in a statement. 

The sheriff’s office also reported that the attack took place about two miles off the shore of Stuart, Florida, on the state’s Atlantic Coast, just north of Palm Beach. 

Perkins’ fellow fishermen — 75-year-old Louis Toth and 77-year-old Dominic Bellezza — applied pressure to her wound following the incident. Medical officials later transported her to a nearby hospital for treatment. However, ger condition wasn’t reported. 

The authorities also reported that the attack happened so fast that Perkins didn’t have time to react. 

Angler gets fishing trip ruined after Sailfish attack

The Sailfish are one of the fastest fish species in existence. Similar to the swordfish, they also feature long, pointed bills.

Although most anglers release the sailfish once caught, Florida regulations allow fishermen to take one daily with a minimum length of 63 inches.

Sailfish can also reach speeds of 68 miles per hour. Their large size and willingness to put up a fight make them a favorite among trophy anglers. 

According to National Geographic, their meat is relatively tough and not widely eaten but is prized as game fish. 

These powerful beasts can grow to more than 10 feet and weigh up to 220 pounds. When hooked, they will undoubtedly fight aggressively, leaping and diving repeatedly. As a result, it might take an angler several hours to land.

Perkins is one of several anglers to have a rough go with a sailfish lately. Most recently, a fellow angler lost their pinky while fishing. 

In a recently surfaced clip, viewers can see a dad teaching his two sons about the art of angling when they found a shark at the end of their line. 

While the mom held tight, the dad tried to lift the shark onboard for a closer look. However, when he could not get a good hold of the animal, he made a tragic mistake. Instead of grabbing it by the sides, he grabbed its snout. 

In a blink of an eye, the angler quickly discovered what a huge mistake he had made. The shark immediately grabbed the man’s pinky finger and dived back into the water.