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8-Year-Old Bags 167-inch Mystery Buck

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: David C Stephens

It always makes us proud when we hear stories of youth hunters going out to try their hand at the sport. However, when they get a harvest, it’s even better. For one Mississippi eight-year-old, he’s now accomplished something some seasoned buck hunters may never achieve.

According to reports, Winston Pleasant of Jackson, Mississippi recently tagged one heck of deer. However, it may be bittersweet considering he may never get the same buck again.

His monster buck unofficially gross-scored over 167— a measurement few hunters will ever grab. In addition, the buck weighed an estimated 270 pounds. However, it’s still unclear where he came from.

“Nobody had seen him,” said Pleasant’s dad, Chandler, of the behemoth of a buck. “We have trail cameras and nobody had seen him.”

He added: “It was a complete surprise. That was the biggest deer killed on that property in 10 years.” Winston took the buck earlier this month on Nov. 12. It was also the second Saturday of Mississippi’s deer youth season.

“We weren’t hunting for a giant,” admitted Chandler. “I just wanted Win to get his first buck. It didn’t matter what size. We just wanted a mature buck.”

Then, his son would get his shot. However, it came and went too quickly. When seven deer walked into range, Winston was in the blind while his dad was on the top step. When they saw one buck, they estimated it was in the 140 range, however, the opportunity was gone before they could line up the shot.

Eight-year-old hunter stuns his dad with his patience and precision

Downcast from the missed opportunity, the father and son thought their luck had run out. However, something told them to keep trying as they noticed a pick-up in deer movement.

“We saw 42 deer,” Chandler admitted, before adding that it was “unusual.”

He continued: “There were deer all over the place. There was never a point in the sit when we didn’t have a deer in front of us except maybe 10 or 15 minutes. It was unquestionably the craziest hunt I’ve ever been on.”

Despite catching glimpses of plenty of deer, nothing came into their view until just after 5 p.m. “I looked and immediately knew he was a shooter,” Chandler revealed. According to Chandler, the buck was over 100 years away and stood eerily still. After taking a look at him, he told his son, “Take your time and don’t miss.”

In hindsight, he admits he may have been putting too much pressure on his son by saying that. However, he dropped in his tracks.

“He took his time and he smoked him,” he said proudly of his son. “The deer fell on the spot. We were immediately celebrating.”

In the end, his 12-point buck’s main beam measured 25 1/8 inches and 24 6/8 inches with a 17 6/8-inch inside spread. The deer’s gross score was also 167 4/8 inches.