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8-Year-Old Boy Left ‘Fighting for His Life’ After Horseback Riding Accident

by Emily Morgan
8-year-old boy-left-fighting-his-life-after-horseback-riding-accident
Photo by: Mlenny

What was supposed to be a fun family vacation turned into a nightmare after a little boy got severely injured during a horseback riding excursion. Now, according to his family, their son, Stefan, is fighting to stay alive.

Before the tragic incident occurred, the Keryan family of Colorado was enjoying their first-ever cruise. According to the boy’s mom, while visiting a monkey sanctuary, they decided to go horseback riding.

When Stefan climbed onto the horse, the animal apparently “got spooked and began running,” according to a GoFundMe set up by the family to pay for medical expenses.

His mom added: “He ended up getting dragged by the horse for almost two miles on gravel pavement on his back and on his head. My older daughter and I were already back and saw him being dragged and eventually were able to catch up with him. Somebody got in a car and was able to stop the horse.”

After the boy was moved to safety, he appeared to have suffered third-degree burns on his back, arms, and legs. In addition, he also required surgery on a section of his scalp.

“He’s in the hospital fighting for his life,” his mom said. “They’ve stabilized him, but they can’t give him the care that he needs, especially given the severity of his injuries.”

Good Samaritan pays for young boy’s medical expense following horseback riding incident

She added that to get their son home safely, they would have to airlift him with a medical aircraft. However, that was going to cost them thousands.

“All I care about is him living,” she said emotionally. “I just, I want to get him home.”

While the family has raised over $64,000 to help with the costs, they wound up finding someone who could help. After learning of the tragedy, the owner of a Colorado-based medevac service, Geno Haggan, immediately knew he had to help the family with the costs. He also decided not to charge the family a dime for the service.

“It gives me a lot of pride to be able to do this for somebody,” he said. In a social media post, the company said they are “happy we could help get this little guy get back home to Denver.”

Then, Stefan and his family could take a collective sigh of relief when they finally got him home. He was later transferred to a children’s hospital in Aurora, Colorado. Now, Stefan “will receive the specialized care he needs for a full recovery” all while in his home state.

“Thank you all for your prayers and generous contributions,” a family member wrote in a recent GoFundMe post. “We are blessed to have all of you in our life.”