82-Foot-Tall Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Cut Down, Begins Journey to New York

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Although Thanksgiving is still a couple of weeks away, the Rockefeller Center is getting ready for Christmas with its massive tree. The Rockefeller tree is recognized around the world. Going from the great outdoors to the Big Apple is quite a journey. From film and TV to tourist photos and more – you have likely seen many variations of this tree over the years.

The 82-foot-tall tree is on its way to New York City as we speak. It takes a lot to move a tree of that size. While it isn’t as hard as delivering presents to every home across the world, it is still a massive endeavor. It’s a wonder how the needles don’t fall off it before Christmas. Those with live trees in their homes know what I’m talking about. Forget to water it one day and your floor is a mess.

The tree is collected in upstate New York and then moved 200 miles or so down to the city. From there, it is placed and decorated and eventually lit up for just about all of America to see.

According to the New York Post, the tree is a Norway Spruce and is 90 years old. This year’s tree was donated by the Lebowitz family out of Glen Falls, New York. You never really think about how they end up with these trees. It’d be a pretty penny to pay for such a large tree, I’m sure. But, I think the Rockefeller Center can afford its own Christmas tree.

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Gets Good Care

This tree has to be taken care of throughout the year and that is where the head gardener comes in. While the work really gets going in November, it starts earlier in the year. When the tree is selected, they water it and care for it so that it is in the best health it can be when it is displayed.

“We’re feeding it, we’re watering it through the summer. Then about a week and a half ago, we came up, we started tying the tree, wrapped each branch individually to tie it up. We have to get it down from 50 feet to 14 feet so we can travel on the Thruway.” Erik Pauze, the head gardener said.

There was a gathering of people that came out to see the tree hoisted away. The Norway Spruce inspired a few young people to come out and watch the whole ordeal as well. Some people even made signs to commemorate the event.

“My granddaughter, who’s 4, I’ve taken her, taken pictures of her next to it, then when it gets lit, I’m going to do a frame of the tree coming down and her, and then it lit, she’ll remember it for life. It’s a lifetime story,” one onlooker, Deborah Doetsch said.

So, keep your eyes out. Soon the Rockefeller Center will have its Christmas tree on display for the whole country and the world to see. New York has a lot of fun attractions during the holidays, but none are as iconic as the giant tree.