9-Year-Old Girl Lands Absolutely Massive Bluefin Tuna Worth a Fortune

by Craig Garrett
Bluefin Tuna - stock photo

A nine-year-old girl caught a massive bluefin tuna weighing more than five times her own weight and worth $80,000. Izzy Crotty battled a 400-pound fish that was so powerful she had to secure her rod to the boat in order not to be dragged in. The young girl was joined by her father, John, for the 30-minute battle with the massive fish. This took place 20 miles off the coast of Plymouth, Devon, The Daily Mail reports

Bluefin tuna is a delicacy that is highly sought-after in Japan. It has been known to sell at around $200 per pound. If Izzy’s fish had been sold, it would have brought in $80,000. It is, however, forbidden to kill the protected fish, which was once on the verge of total extinction. So Izzy was glad to let it go. As part of a new Government initiative, anglers are allowed to catch bluefin tuna, tag them for science, and then set them free.

Izzy was part of a charter boat called Fortuna, which is one of the 25 vessels that are allowed to take part in the tagging scheme. The scheme itself is known as CHART and it was introduced last year. It provides anglers with a three-month window from August to November in which to catch large game fish that would otherwise have to be taken to the Caribbean. An image of Izzy and her big catch was shared on Twitter.

The daughter and father team were flabbergasted by the tuna’s size

The UK’s southwest coast is now a hotspot for bluefin tuna since the species became protected. The area has been a resurgence in these large fish, and it is now considered to be world-class by many fishermen. Izzy’s father, John, who is a farmer from Crediton, Devon said that they were both surprised and speechless when they saw the size of the fish.

The 35-year-old father was impressed with Izzy’s luck. ‘It was only Izzy’s second [fishing ] outing and this was the first fish.” The proud papa explained the ordeal in detail. “We were around 20 miles out. Izzy was all geared up and ready to go with the rod holder.”

‘The fish started off pretty slow then it started to run, John explained. “It took around half an hour for us to get it alongside the boat.” When they pulled the tuna aboard, they were stunned. “We couldn’t believe how big it was. Izzy was excited but exhausted. She slept well that night.”

Mark Jury, owner, and operator of Fortuna Charters weighed in. ‘It was amazing watching a nine-year-old catch a fish five times the size of her. Izzy is going to be one hell of a fisherwoman. She gave it a great effort and used all her strength to wind in the monster.”