9-Year-Old Girl Rushed to Hospital After Being Bitten by Copperhead in Her Own Garage

by Emily Morgan

Snake season is in full swing, and as a result, many people are seeing more and more of the creepy crawlies out and about. Sadly, one little girl had a not-so-fun run-in with a copperhead when it bit her in her own garage.

The incident occurred last when Jacie Marks, a 9-year-old youngster from North Carolina, was headed out of her house to watch the sunset with her dad. While exiting through the garage, she suddenly felt something sting her foot.

At first, she thought a stick had brushed her foot. However, when she looked down, it was much more nightmare-inducing. “I looked down to go throw it and I realized that was snake,” the little girl said after the copperhead surprise. “It was scary.”

Immediately after, her family rushed her to a local hospital where doctors treated the bite. “We’re really thankful they took prompt action and really helped her,” her mom Jocelyn said after the scary incident.

Currently, hospitals across the country are seeing an uptick in snake bites. From July 1st through the first week of August, more and more hospitals are reporting snake bites.

Doctors report uptick in snake bites in recent weeks

In Marks’ home state of North Carolina, UNC Health reports that 70 patients have been recently treated for snake bites. In addition, doctors at Duke Health have treated 20 people for copperhead bites alone.

WakeMed, where Marks went following the bite, said it had seen a 75 percent hike in snake bites from this time last year.

Dr. Ben German, an Emergency Room physician at WakeMed, is known as the snake bite expert at the hospital. German was a part of the group that helped capture a zebra cobra that was slithering through a North Carolina neighborhood in 2021. He has also traveled to Asia to study the reptile species.

According to German, there’s likely an increase in snake bites because more people are moving into new developments where it was once a natural snake habitat. However, he adds that recent weather patterns could also contribute to the increased snake activity.

“Those two factors can get the snakes moving around a little more,” German said.

Most of the snake bite cases he sees in the ER are on the foot and ankle. Now, German is reminding people to stay hyper-vigilant outside and protect themselves.

“Good leather shoes will stop the snake’s fangs from getting into the tissue and injecting venom,” German added.

Thankfully, Marks is well on her to recovery after her snake bite and is working towards walking on her own without her crutches. “Crutches are not that fun,” she admitted. Marks’ doctor said she would likely deal with some swelling for the next several months.