911 Audio Released After Mother, Daughter, and Their Family Dog Are Struck by Lightning

by Amy Myers

As the community of Winter Springs mourns the loss of a local mother, officials have released the 911 audio from right after the fatal lightning strike.

On Thursday evening, Nicole Tedesco was with her 10-year-old daughter Ava and their family dog near a park in Winter Springs, Florida when lightning struck the trio. Nicole ultimately passed away from the strike while her daughter and their dog survived the incident.

Now, 911 audio from the distress calls has surfaced, demonstrating the sheer panic bystanders felt during the tragic accident.

“We got a lightning strike. I actually felt it. Two people are down,” one 911 caller told operators, according to Fox Weather.

“We had a lightning strike at Trotwood Park! We have some children down on the ground!” another said. 

At the time, Nicole was waiting for her two daughters to leave school when the storm quickly rolled into the area. According to responding officials, the lightning struck a tree close to the Tedescos and the current continued through the family.

Medical officials quickly transported Ava to Arnold Palmer Hospital where she received treatment for her injuries. It is unclear if Nicole also received treatment at the hospital or if medical teams pronounced her dead at the scene.

Personnel has since released the 10-year-old to her father, Andrew Tedesco, who works as a police officer at Orlando Sanford International Airport. The airport has created a GoFundMe campaign to assist the widower to raise his daughters and pay for his wife’s funeral expenses.

At the same time, the neighborhood has organized a makeshift memorial to honor Nicole’s memory and show support for the family at Trotwood Park.

911 Audio Reveals Reason Why North Carolina Pilot ‘Jumped’ out of Plane

Recently, 911 audio from another tragic incident further north. Back in July, a young pilot supposedly “jumped” out of an aircraft as it was making an emergency landing. Charles Hew Crooks landed in the backyard of a resident’s home, and officials declared him dead at the scene.

Now, the 911 audio has revealed the circumstances behind the mysterious death. According to Crooks’ copilot, he had jumped out of the plane without a parachute. The tragic call lasted roughly 13 minutes.

“This is from Raleigh Airport,” an FAA air traffic controller said on the recording. “We have a pilot who was inbound to the field. His co-pilot jumped out of the aircraft. He made impact to the ground and here are the coordinates.”

“I guess at this point in time, all we can do is recovery,” an FAA controller told a dispatcher, adding, “I don’t know… I don’t know. This is the craziest thing ever.”

In response to the call, one FAA employee recalled, “I am sure the pilot is going to be shaken up.”

“He literally just said, ‘My pilot just jumped out.’”