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Acadia National Park Proposes Increase in Entrance Fees

by Amy Myers
Photo by John Greim/LightRocket via Getty Images

In order to further improve visitor experience and park resources, Acadia National Park is considering raising entrance fees for 2023.

Acadia National Park announced the potential change on November 29 and noted that the increased fees would apply to both vehicles and individuals. According to the Maine-based park, the funds from the new prices would directly benefit a variety of projects, but the vast majority would go to the Island Explorer bus system.

“The increased fee revenue will allow Acadia to expand service for the Island Explorer bus system, which is critical to addressing congestion and parking challenges throughout the park,” the national park explained in a release.

Other pertinent projects include previously “deferred maintenance needs,” such as repairs to campground bathrooms and gatehouses, removal of hazardous trees and replacement of damaged gates.

Here’s what the new price breakdown would look like:

Entrance Pass Type

Personal Vehicle (7-day)

Motorcycle (7-day)

Individual (7-day)


2022 Fee





2023 Proposed Fee





In contrast, the new entrance fees would not affect businesses operating in the park under a Commercial Use Authorization or the National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Passes. These include the Annual, Senior, Access, 4th Grade, Military Annual, and Military Lifetime passes. 

“The proposed entrance fee increase does not affect the $6 vehicle reservation fee for Cadillac Summit Road, which is required from May through October in addition to the entrance fee,” the park added.

Visitors under the age of 16 are also exempt from entrance fees at the national park.

Acadia National Park Invites Public to Share Opinions on Proposed Entrance Fee Increase

Before Acadia makes the final decision regarding the new fees, officials have opened up a forum for visitors and frequenters to share their thoughts.

“The NPS is requesting feedback on the entrance fee increase during a 30-day public comment period that will be open from November 30 through December 29, 2022,” the park shared.

In order to encourage folks to use the forum rather than social media to voice their concerns, Acadia even turned off commenting on the announcement post on Instagram.

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Evidently, Acadia officials are following suit as fellow western national parks increase their own entrance and operational fees. Like the Maine-based park, these public lands are in need of additional funding to support visitor experience and park resources.

“The increase would make Acadia National Park’s entrance fees consistent with other iconic and highly visited national parks, including Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, and Yosemite,” officials stated.

The last entrance fee increase that Acadia experienced was in 2018.