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Acclaimed Actor Missing After Going for Hike, California Storms

by Caitlin Berard
Mount Baldy, a Popular Hiking Area in California
(Photo by Focqus, LLC via Getty Images)

Julian Sands, star of multiple Oscar-nominated films such as A Room With a View, has now been missing for six days after disappearing in the Southern California mountains where he was hiking. The 65-year-old actor was reported missing Friday when he didn’t return from a hike in Mount Baldy, according to San Bernardino County officials.

Search and rescue crews immediately began a search for the missing actor in the San Gabriel Mountains that continued into Saturday. Unfortunately, they were then forced to suspend their ground search due to unsafe trail conditions and avalanche risks.

Conditions have yet to improve enough to allow the search to continue, authorities said. However, the search continues via helicopters and drones, weather permitting.

As the SBCSD explained, the latest in a series of severe storms created dangerous conditions on the mountain. Though conditions were clear when Sands disappeared in the hiking area on Friday, another storm slammed into California on Saturday, burying the trails in another 10-18 inches of snow. The inclement weather has been so severe that even the SBCSD’s air resources are limited.

“His wife did report him missing,” said Gloria Huerta with SBCSD. “From what I understand, he left sometime that day for a hike. When he did not return, his family reported him missing.”

Officials discovered Sands’ car in the California hiking area shortly after beginning the search. The search for the actor himself, however, has so far been unsuccessful.

Julian Sands One of Two Missing in California Hiking Area

Over the last four weeks, the sheriff’s department has conducted a staggering 14 rescue missions in and around Mount Baldy due to the devastating storms. Thus far, two people have died in falls and Julian Sands remains missing, along with another man who disappeared in the California hiking area a few days later.

The family of Bob Gregory reported him missing Monday when he didn’t return from his hike in the California Mountains. Search crews arrived to comb the Crystal Lake area on Tuesday with no results. On Wednesday, search efforts were limited due to the icy conditions and treacherous terrain.

“We strongly urge the community to just stay out of that area. Even the most skilled hiker, like Mr. Sands, will find themselves in trouble,” Gloria Huerta said. “It’s too icy and the weather plays a big factor in whether we can deploy resources to that area.”

Julian Sands, and presumably Bob Gregory, are highly experienced hikers. However, the deadly weather poses too great a threat to risk, even for experts. The 4.5-mile hike to the summit of Mount Baldy is a strenuous trek, with an “aggressive” 3,412-foot elevation gain. With the endless ice and snow buffeting the mountain, the trail is nearly impossible to complete.