Alaska Hunter Who Got Separated From Friend Found Dead Below Cliff

by Craig Garrett
Sailing through Alaskan Fjord - tracy arm passage - stock photo

This week, Alaska State Troopers found the body of a hunter who had gone missing on a trip near Sitka. He was located beneath a cliff. On Monday, Fairbanks resident Ryan Ruesch, 47, became separated from his hunting partner while they were near Lake Diana southeast of Sitka. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to make it back to their campsite that night, The State reports. Alaska State troopers wrote about the incident in an online report.

Troopers said that on Tuesday morning, they were informed that Ruesch was missing. The USCG was asked for assistance owing to the steep terrain and remoteness. According to Tim DeSpain of the Alaska State Troopers, a Coast Guard helicopter from Sitka found Ruesch below a 300-foot cliff after he fell from it.

Ruesch was brought to Sitka by paramedics. He was pronounced dead. DeSpain said that Ruesch most likely died from injuries caused by the fall. Sitka is approximately 20 miles northwest of Lake Diana.

The allure of hunting mountain goats

Taking down a mountain goat is high on the list for an avid hunter. They are some of the toughest and most athletic animals on the planet. However, they are surprisingly underrated as big game animals, according to an article on Kuiu.

Though they may be overshadowed by sheep, mountain goats are a fraction of the cost and provide just as good sport. With long shaggy coats and sleek black horns, these animals live in some of the most unforgiving terrains on the continent and have rightfully earned the title “Kings of the Mountain.”

There are certainly enough chances to go mountain goat hunting, as population estimates put the total number at more than 100,000 across North America. Whether you’ve spent decades accumulating points for a coveted tag in the lower 48 or pursuing an over-the-counter tag in Canada or Alaska. There’s never a bad time to be overprepared for the sport’s challenges.

A mountain goat hunt is an unforgettable experience. Your success relies on a unique combination of skill, preparation, and luck. Here are some elements that you can control to set yourself up for the best chance at a successful hunt.

Physical and mental preparation should unquestionably be at the top of pre-hunt planning. There’s a saying that “mountain goat country begins where sheep country ends.” It’s no secret that these shaggy creatures call some of the toughest and craggiest terrains home. Experts suggest wearing your hunting boots and pack as often as possible before the trip. This will not only help get you into better shape but also identify any potential problems with your gear. In other words, the fitter you are, the more enjoyable your mountain experience will be. Furthermore, being in good shape is key to having a successful trip.