Alaska Officials Investigate Bizarre Moose Hunting Violation Involving a Bulldozer

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Ronald C. Modra/Getty Images)

Alaska wildlife officials got a strange call when concerned locals shared reports of several people committing a bizarre hunting violation. After learning about the illegal moose taken and just how much damage was done at the time, officials were forced to launch an involved investigation. As of now, that investigation is still ongoing.

According to a dispatch text provided by Alaska Sporting Journal, Alaska Wildlife Troopers received multiple complaints about a possible moose hunting violation in the Matanuska Valley. Once there, the troopers connected with several witnesses who stated that two men had killed three moose while hunting and driven a fat truck (similar to the SHERP pictured below) into the area.

(Photo by Christophe Morin/IP3/Getty Images)

The report gets even stranger though. After supposedly getting the large utility vehicle stuck, the hunters then drove a bulldozer through public land to recover both the large vehicle and the illegally obtained moose.

Per the outlet, the initial instance occurred on September 21st, with the original complaints filed around 5:45 p.m.

The following day, wildlife officials returned to the churned-up area in a helicopter and located multiple kill sites. They then spoke with one of the suspect hunters, though the outlet didn’t share any specifics about how the interaction went. About a week later, authorities obtained multiple warrants for the hunters and also executed a search on a local business. Afterward, they seized the fat truck used in the crime, two trailers, the bulldozer, and several other items thought relevant to the case.

Other offices involved in the case include the DNR and DEC as the bizarre moose killings resulted in “egregious” habitat and waterway destruction.

Moose Mom Charges Bicyclist During ‘Average’ Alaskan Ride

A bicyclist in Alaska had a hair-rasing encounter when, as he was traveling down a multi-use trail and suddenly found himself chased by a mother moose and her calf. The video, just 11 seconds long, shows the female moose rapidly gaining on the bicyclist as he films the entire encounter, frantically peddling faster as she draws nearer.

Certainly, the encounter was a scary one, however, viewers, witty in their reactions, shared some hilarious responses.

“Sometimes you struggle for motivation,” one Redditor wrote, “other times it finds you.”

Another user added, “Sometimes the motivation draws near at the worst time possible, like an uphill.”

Others joked, “Moosed peddle faster…I’ll see myself out,” and “Multi use trails? More like Multi moose trails! I’m leaving now too.”

All jokes aside, we sure hope the encounter ended alright and the bicyclist was able to out-peddle the moose. Because they are typically unafraid of humans, moose are not hesitant about charging people they see as potential threats. Reaching seven feet in height at the shoulders and weighing as much as 1,000 pounds, these animals pose a serious threat to anyone foolish enough to come within yards of these massive beasts.