Alaska Resident Fires Shots at Problem Bear After It Kills Dozens of Turkeys

by Joe Rutland

It appears that a problematic bear up in Alaska is causing some serious problems after it went on a rampage and killed turkeys. The bear apparently has been away from the Matanuska River for a bit. Yet a report from KTUU indicates that it came back on Thursday night. The animal finds its way into turkey pens run by Polaris Hatchery. Don Dyer, who owns the hatchery and also started mapping out the attacks, would say that the bear moved through an 8-foot-tall woven-wire horse fence easily. Yep, the bear just bore through it without any issues at all.

“That bear just flattened that, flattened the T-posts, you know, went right through it,” Dyer said in an interview. “That’s a pretty substantial animal. Even the moose don’t challenge that fence.” According to Dyer, the bear also managed to eat five of his free-range turkeys and kill 16 other ones. That ended up being a financial loss totaling $2,100 for Dyer’s hatchery.

Bear Situation Getting Tedious Up In Alaska

“It could have been a lot worse,” he said. “It could have gotten into one of the chicken houses, but those were the areas that we had put up all the countermeasures to keep the bear away. It’s just one of those things.” Also, Dyer pointed out in the interview that the bear found its way onto two other properties on Friday morning. Reportedly, one homeowner tried to stop the madness and shoot the bear. Yet, there’s some news on that front from Tim Peltier, who is a wildlife biologist for the Division of Wildlife Conservation. He searches the area where shots are reportedly fired. And he believes the animal did not get hit.

“It does not appear that any of the shots connected,” Peltier said. “Wildlife troopers went out at 6:30 and combed the area, Fish and Game staff joined them this morning. We searched around for a bit.” There is no evidence of the bear being hit. These new incidents are riling up the community. Dyer can now put up his property among those dealing with this problem. For a way to address new incidents, the Department of Fish and Game has an idea. If you come across the bear, especially in non-office hours, call Matcom Dispatch at 907-352-5401. Please report on its location.”

Whether you are in Alaska or not, then you might have problems with bears. Some places might simply understand that bears have their own attitudes and ways about them. This situation in Alaska is scary as heck. Those people don’t know if or when the troublesome animal will return again. The damages have been done. More could happen in a matter of time.