American Cruise Lines Offering a ‘River and Land Cruise’ That’ll Visit Three U.S. National Parks

by Craig Garrett

American Cruise Lines has announced a new 15-day river and land cruise that visits three United States National Parks. An 8-day cruise along the Columbia and Snake rivers, as well as a 7-day land journey through three of the United States’ most beautiful public parks. Yellowstone, Glacier, and Grand Teton are included on the National Parks & Legendary Rivers itinerary.

Charles B. Robertson, president and CEO of American Cruise Lines boasted about the itinerary. “[It’s] a unique opportunity to explore two rivers and five states throughout the Northwest in a single seamless journey,” Robertson said.

The National Parks & Legendary Rivers itinerary begins on the Columbia and Snake Rivers. It follows in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark through a spectacular journey. Guests will see breathtaking vistas of the Pacific in Astoria, Oregon. They will also see lush alpine meadows, high desert canyons, and views of snow-capped Mount Hood along both rivers. At the Columbia River Gorge, visitors can participate in active excursions, like kayaking. You can also take a more leisurely approach. For instance, you can go wine tasting at one of the many local wineries along Hood River.

All of American Cruise Lines’ cruises include a complimentary pre-cruise hotel stay in the Schengen area. Every single thing on board their ships are included. Things like dining, daytime snacks and drinks, cocktails, nightly entertainment, and lectures about culture and history. If you’re interested in exploring the ports during your cruise, shore excursions are available for an extra fee. They also offer flat rate domestic airfare.

An “adventure guide” will lead you through the National Parks

Upon arriving on land, guests will be taken to some of the most breathtaking national parks in the area. They are filled with mountains and valleys carved by glaciers, thick forests, and beautiful turquoise lakes. Guests will get to see world-famous sights like the Old Faithful geyser at Yellowstone National Park. They will also pop into places like the Apgar Visitor Center at Glacier National Park. Guest will also get up close and personal with the wildlife that roams freely in Grand Teton National Park.

A few of the trip’s best features include a jet boat tour through Hells Canyon, seeing Mammoth Hot Springs, Lake MacDonald, and Jenny Lake, as well as staying overnight in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and Jackson Hole.

The full itinerary will be provided by an American Cruise Lines adventure guide, who will lead guests throughout the trip. Accommodations in centrally located hotels are included; transportation to the national parks every day; park entrance fees and fully curated adventures within the parks; all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner); and transportation at the conclusion of the journey to the airport in Wyoming’s Jackson are all part of this package.

The American Cruise Lines is a river and small ship cruise line based in the United States. On all itineraries, passengers get to see the country’s history, spirit, and culture on a collection of American riverboats and small cruise vessels. The company owns 15 ships that can accommodate up to 100 people each and journey to over 35 domestic ports across 34 states.