American Tourist Killed in Bahamas Shark Attack

by Amy Myers

While visiting the Bahamas, an American woman suffered a shark attack at Green Cay, just a half-mile northwest of Rose Island, a private island off Nassau. Unfortunately, the 58-year-old tourist died as a result of her injuries.

According to local authorities, the unnamed woman was snorkeling at the time of the attack, just after 2 p.m. on Tuesday. She was with five to seven other relatives when a bull shark wandered toward her. Following the incident, the woman had neither a pulse nor a heartbeat, Royal Bahamas Police Superintendent Chrislyn Skippings reported at a news briefing, per NBC News.

Skippings also shared that the woman arrived in the Bahamas as a part of a cruise trip. A private tour boat took her and her relatives to Rose Island where they hoped to explore the bright waters. Family members witnessed the shark attack and pulled her onto the boat with the help of the operator to take her to Fort Montagu on Nassau.

Tourist Is One of Three Bahamas Shark Attack Victims in 2022

The recent shark attack is the third that the Bahamas have seen this year, according to the 2022 Shark Attack Map from One occurred on February 21, an unnamed 51-year-old fisherman was on a dive boat near Bimini, Bahamas when a shark bit him on the forearm. Early reports stated that the man had actually hooked the toothy fish. While trying to secure his catch, the man fell victim to the fish’s bite.

Soon, the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) dispatched a helicopter to evacuate the angler and get him medical attention. Responding rescue personnel then took the attack victim to a hospital in Florida for treatment. The USCG reported that the vessel was a part of Jim Abernathy’s Scuba Adventures and has actually been a part of several other shark encounters.

“This was the best possible outcome to a truly terrifying situation,” said Sean Connet, command duty officer at Coast Guard District Seven. “This individual was fortunate a fellow crew member was able to render aid prior to the Coast Guard’s arrival which, allowed for a quick extraction from the vessel.”

Nurse Sharks Attack Eight-Year-Old Tourist Just Weeks Before Latest Fatality

Just a few weeks before the latest tourist’s death, an eight-year-old boy nearly suffered a similar fate when a few nurse sharks clamped down on his legs. Finley Downer and his family were visiting the Bahamas from England and had decided to join others and wade in a nearby lagoon.

At the same time, other folks had been chumming the water, adding ground baitfish in order to attract bigger catches. That’s when a group of three nurse sharks swam up to Downer and bit down on both legs.

“Suddenly, I heard a terrified scream and saw dozens [of sharks] circling Finley,” father Michael told The Sun. “There was so much blood. Bits of his leg were hanging off.”

Finley’s family got him to a hospital where he underwent a three-hour surgery to stop the bleeding. He is still recovering from his injuries.