Angler Hooks Record-Breaking 900-Pound Tuna

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

If you are looking for some big tuna news, then we have you covered as a monster 900-pound tuna was caught by a fisherman. Meanwhile, this appears to be the biggest fish ever caught in Welsh waters. By the way, Simon Batey and his friend Jason Nott caught the Atlantic bluefin tuna off the Pembrokeshire coast. That’s according to a BBC report.

Some people are claiming that Welsh waters have some of the world’s biggest fish. They want a fishery established to attract international anglers. Batey is from Sarn, Bridgend. He landed the tuna while he was returning from fishing in an area of the Irish Sea known as the Celtic Deeps. That is about 30 miles off the west Wales coast. It was an hour-long struggle for the tuna. Batey would pass the rod over to Nutt, who comes from Cwmaman, Rhondda Cynon Taf. He was working with skipper Andrew Alsop.

Tuna Goes Alongside Boat For Measurement Purposes

From the fork of the tail to its nose is the frame of reference for a measurement. A globally-recognized formula gives an approximate weight. “By far it’s the biggest fish caught in Welsh waters. The previous biggest was around 600 lbs,” says Julian Lewis Jones, a patron of Angling Cymru. “It’s no mean feat to catch a fish of this size, at that length it’s the same size as a big shark. They are immensely powerful and not something any novices could even try, so it had to be a team effort.”

The anglers pulled the tuna alongside the boat for measurement purposes. The fish gets a tow in the water, while also picking up a regular supply of oxygen for its gills. Jones says that it’s exciting to have a fish this size captured and caught in Welsh waters. “We now have some of the biggest tuna in the world swimming in our waters.”

Alsop captains one of six boats in Wales licensed under the new tuna catch and release tagging scheme. Jones appears in projects as an actor like House of the Dragon and films like Invictus and Justice League. He said that there is the potential for a “world-class” recreational catch and release tuna fishery in Wales.

Alsop adds that the temperature of the waters is “fantastic for marine life.” He adds if it is “correctly managed, we will have this for generations to come. Every year we are seeing more tuna and they are returning and we want anglers to come here from all over the world. As fishermen, we are guardians of the marine habitat and have a passion for conservation and the environment.”