Arizona Firefighters Carry 125-Pound Dog With Heat Exhaustion Down Hiking Trail

by Shelby Scott

Thursday was officially the first day of fall, however, many states across the U.S. are still experiencing serious summertime temperatures. On Wednesday, temperatures in Scottsdale, Arizona reached a scorching 89 degrees. The intense heat eventually sent local firefighters on a rescue call after a hiker’s 125-pound German shepherd collapsed due to heat exhaustion.

According to The State, technical rescue teams from Scottsdale Fire Department responded to a call for a dog in distress around 1:30 p.m. on September 21st. The dog had been hiking the Tom’s Thumb Trailhead with his owner and another dog when the call came in. The outlet states the trio made it about three-quarters away from the trailhead before the large dog, named Diego, collapsed.

A Twitter post from Scottsdale Fire Department shows first responders loading the overheated canine onto a carrier. The team then toted him toward their UTV, which the hiker and the second dog also boarded. According to a news release, firefighters carried the dog down a steep part of the trail before evacuating the group from the trailhead.

Thanks to the firefighters’ help, Diego rapidly recovered. The outlet states he downed five bottles of water before climbing into the car on his own.

Scottsdale firefighters can be seen farther down in the thread, physically carrying Diego down the trailhead and toward safety.

Firefighters Rescue Blind Dog From 15-Foot Hole

Farther west of Scottsdale, located 10 miles away from Pheonix, Arizona, firefighters in Pasadena, California were called out on a dog rescue of their own. First responders responded to a call about a blind canine who stumbled into a 15-foot hole at a construction site.

According to his owner Mary, the blind dog, 13-year-old Cesar, wandered from his home on Tuesday, September 20th. Despite his age, Mary said, “He’s an old dog. But he’s still very curious and adventurous.”

Mary realized her elderly dog had wandered onto the construction site when her other dog barked and Cesar answered. After explaining her situation to the construction site’s foreman, the man called the fire department.

Upon arrival, firefighters discovered that despite his fall, Cesar was actually unharmed. That said, the rescue was a little more involved than we might imagine. Authorities stated the hole in which Cesar fell was tall and narrow. Firefighters created a rope and pully system to haul the blind dog to safety with just one fireman going down into the hole to secure Mary’s companion.

Pasadena Fire Chief Chad Augustin said, “At the end of the day, all of us are pet lovers. I have a dog of my own. We want to make sure we take care of not just our residents, but also our furry friends.”