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Arizona Climber Rescued After Getting Trapped 200 Feet Up Steep Spire

by Brett Stayton
Rock Climbers In Arizona
Photo by Andre Schoenherr/Getty Images

This lady was out rock climbing in Arizona when her leg got stuck in a cracked rock. She wound up having to get airlifted off a rock spire after being wedged in there at over 200 feet off the ground. Her rescue had to be coordinated in the dark of night too, which made things more challenging.

The anonymous 25-year-old woman was toppling up Queen Victora Spire just off Schnebly Hill Road in Sedona, Arizona. She was with a group of other climbers. Their group was about 200 up the rock face and about 150 feet below the summit. That’s when her left slipped into the crack and caused her to get stuck. It was a somewhat unsettling situation, but no injuries beyond stress were reported. Her climbing partners did their best to break her leg free but were unable to do so.

The rescue squad from the Sedona Fire Department and Sherriff’s office said it was more difficult than a standard rescue mission because of the nighttime conditions and steep terrain. The rescue mission required significant official resources and took several hours to conduct. After rescuers were able to get the woman’s leg free, a helicopter lifted them off their stranding point on the rock formation. No additional medical care was needed for the climbing group or the woman.

Fox 10 News In Phoenix had a quick news update on the situation.

Rescuers Save Stranded Rock Climber Who Turns Out To Be Movie Prop

A while back, rescuers were called to the aid of a woman in distress. The incident took place at Hope Ranch Beach in Santa Barbara. A bystander peered over the edge of a cliff and reportedly saw a woman dangling 30 feet below the edge with no rope or safety equipment. She did appear to be wearing a helmet though.

Teams of UTVs, drones, engines, and trucks all responded with immediacy. Rescuers were ready to do everything physically possible to safely rescue the stranded lady. However, upon further inspection, they realized she wasn’t even a real person at all. Apparently, it was a mannequin that looked like it got stuck rock climbing. It was left on the scene from being a movie prop on a film set several days prior. The cast had supposedly forgotten to pick up the stray mannequin from the scene, causing bystanders to fear for the doll’s safety.

A local news reporter updated locals on the scary turned hilarious story. She reminded citizens that it’s better to call than not in that situation. Leaving a real woman hanging down there instead of calling a rescue team would be a far more depressing story.

One Twitter user even chimed in to script the perfect ending to the heroic efforts to rescue a movie prop. “Oh she’s gonna fall… everyone looks down at her assumed point of impact. But NO! She’s miraculously grabbed ahold of a tree down below with amazing grip strength and is holding tight!! She gets rescued by a crash test dummy. They kiss as the credits roll. The end,” they wrote.