Aspiring Teen Bull Rider Dies From Heart Attack After Fall During Rodeo

by Tia Bailey
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

A teen sadly passed away after a fall at a rodeo. The young person was an aspiring bull rider and was flung from a bull’s back.

18-year-old Thiago Castilho was part of the Luiz Antônio Rodeo Show at the Gilberto Moreno Permanent Exhibition and Events Park this past Thursday (September 22) when everything went awry. The bull flung Castilho off of its back 8 seconds into the ride. In the process, Castilho lost his helmet and hit the ground.

Two men rushed to rescue him while another man chased the bull off.

The young bull rider dreamed of riding in the U.S. He was rushed to a hospital, and died due to cardiac arrest the next morning.

Castilho’s father, Jean Carlos Castilho, spoke about his son. He shared that he had been riding bulls since he was 11 years old. His father had always warned him of how dangerous it was, but said his son was very committed to it.

“Unfortunately, that’s what rodeo is all about. It’s a dangerous sport,” Castilho said to G1. “I always said to him, ‘My son, stop it’. (He said), ‘No, father, that’s what I want. If I die one day, I’m going to die happy, I’m going to die riding.’”

According to the New York Post, Rodeo announcer Ronaldo Xavante had said that Castilho was a promising young bull rider, having caught the attention of several national teams.

Professional Bull Rider Killed in Shooting

A few weeks ago, another bull rider was sadly killed. However, this time it was outside of bull riding.

Demetrius Allen, also known as Ouncie Mitchell, was killed in a shooting in Salt Lake City, Utah.

His death was announced by PBR, who shared an Instagram post. The photo read: “We are shocked and saddened to learn of the passing of Demetrius Allen, who fans knew as Ouncie Mitchell, in Salt Lake City… Ouncie got his name because he was born small. He grew up to compete with a huge heart. The PBR organization sincerely extends our own heartfelt condolences to Ouncie’s cousin Ezekiel Mitchell and the entire Mitchell family – Sean Gleason, PBR CEO.”

The news was devastating. Mitchell, who was a professional bull rider, was killed in a domestic assault. He was shot by LaShawn Denise Bagley, with whom he shared an “on and off” relationship with. Bullet fragments were found in Bagley’s apartment, and she was taken into custody.

His cousin, Ezekiel, also a PBR cowboy, shared a statement about the tragedy.

“I don’t understand and I don’t know how long it’s going to take me to understand,” he said. “The guy that would give the shirt off his back to anybody, why would you take his life away?”