Australian Man Killed by Wild Kangaroo Believed To Be His Pet

by Tia Bailey

A wild kangaroo killed a man in Australia this weekend. The kangaroo was believed to be the 77-year-old man’s pet.

A relative later found the man in his home in Redmond, which is about 250 miles outside of Perth. His relative found him with “serious injuries.” According to police, he was likely attacked earlier in the day by the kangaroo. Police shot the animal dead because it was preventing paramedics from reaching the injured man.

“The kangaroo was posing an ongoing threat to emergency responders,” the statement said.

Authorities pronounced the man dead on the scene.

It is illegal to keep native fauna as pets in the country without a permit. Police do not know if the man had a permit.

Tanya Irwin, who cares for macropods at the Native Animal Rescue in Perth, recently spoke to the Washington Post about the situation.

“This looks like it was an adult male and they become quite aggressive and they don’t do well in captivity,” Irwin said. “We don’t know what the situation was; If he was in pain or why he was being kept in captivity and unfortunately … they’re not a cute animal, they’re a wild animal.”

She shared why people usually do not receive permits.

“You do need a special permit to be able to do that. I don’t believe they really give them out very often unless you’re a wildlife center with trained people who know what they’re doing,” she said.

This is the first death by kangaroo attack in Australia in 86 years.

Last Kangaroo Death in Australia was 8 Decades Ago

The last reported death by kangaroo attack was in 1936. 38-year-old William Cruickshank died due to injuries he sustained in the attack. He suffered extensive head injuries, including a broken jaw.

Cruickshank had attempted to save his two dogs from a large kangaroo, when the kangaroo attacked him, resulting in his death.

Australian Whale Freed by Rescuers

A whale was caught in a fishing net just a few weeks ago in Australia. According to the Australia Broadcasting Company, multiple people later called SeaWorld to alert them as to what’s happening.

The group eventually caught the whale off Australia’s Gold Coast. The whale appeared to be sick and was “full of lice.”

“We ended up arriving and finding a whale slightly entangled. It wasn’t a great entanglement,” SeaWorld’s head of marine sciences, Wayne Phillips said.

Rescuers freed the whale from the net.

Several whales have gotten stuck in shark fishing nets in the past year. Two humpback whales were freed from the nets this past July as well.