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Australian Men Recount Their Terrifying Experiences With Shark Attacks

by Brett Stayton
Great White Shark Attacking
Photo by USO/Getty Images

A recently gone viral TikTok video provides a terrifying first-person account of what it’s like to be in the midst of a shark attack. Two buddies were surfing off the West Coast of Australia when one of them was gruesomely attacked by a Great White shark. The attack was so violent that orders were given to hunting the shark down. A man named Matthew Holmes was nearby and tried to rescue the victim. Essentially Sports shared his account of what happened online.

The attack took place back in July of 2012. But the story lives in history since it’s considered to be one of the worst shark attacks ever. Benjamin Linden was surfing with his friend named Ryan when it happened. Ryan spotted the shark first and yelled at Benjamin that they needed to get back to shore. Holmes provides more info on the situation in the video. “All of a sudden, this massive 5-meter-long great white shark comes rocketing to the surface, It almost reaches right next to Ryan, right on his right side, so close that the sprays on its gills spray all over Ryan,” he says.

Ryan was able to make his way back to sure unharmed. Benjamin realize the shark was close pulled his legs out of the water and tried to stay on his board. However, the shark came out of the water and latched onto him with its jaws. He was floating face down in the water when Holmes pulled up on his jet ski. Holmes remembers that “one of his legs have been completely removed.” The shark then tried to attack the jetski. After making a run at the jetski, the shark then grabbed Benjamin’s body and dove under the water. His body was never found.

@thewanderingbeard On July 14th, 2012, two sufers encountered a massive great white shark off the coast of Australia. The events that took place and were witnessed that day by several people are the stuff of nightmares. 22 yo Matt Holmes should also be commended for his dedication to his fellow man and for his bravery that day. Thank you to my friend Lyric, who shared the official coroner’s report with me of this tragic event that took place in their hometown. #storytime #animalattacks #truestory #scarystories #shark #animalattacks #truecrime #surfing ♬ original sound – Andrew Hooper

Surfer Recounts Horrific Shark Attack Extraordinary Recovery

With shark attacks all over the news these days, another Australian man named Brett Connellan recently opened up about his own shark attack. He also provided a glimpse of his own remarkable recovery. Doctors told him he would never walk again. Seven years later, he’s not only walking but hitting the waves again after successfully overcoming what will no doubt be the most harrowing experience of his life.

“A lot of people ask me – did you see it coming? Could you see the fin coming through the water?” Connellan explained to Weekend Today, per 9 News. “I say, sharks are incredibly good at what they do. I didn’t see it coming.” The shark attack lasted mere seconds. For Connellan, however, the moment stretched into what felt like a lifetime of agony. “For how quick the moment was, it was also so slow,” he said.

“There was a lot of luck on the beach and that extended to the recovery having the right people around me the whole way through,” Connellan said. “It’s a bit unknown when you lose three-quarters of your left quad and we didn’t know what the long-term effects would be,” he said. Surfing was a big part of my life,” he said. “I didn’t know what that end goal was going to look like and what that would mean for me. It’s not something that you can give up. It’s not too much about chasing the dream of becoming a professional surfer, I do it more because I love it now.”