Authorities Discover Two Bodies in Colorado Reservoir

by Shelby Scott

The bodies of two missing men were recovered from Colorado’s Dillon Reservoir on Friday after local authorities executed an exhaustive search, rescue, and recovery mission.

According to Out There Colorado, the two unidentified males were last season on Thursday. Allegedly intoxicated, several reports state the two men were seen driving a vehicle near one of the reservoir’s nearby campgrounds. Authorities later discovered an unoccupied vehicle near the scene.

A press release from the Summit County Sheriff’s Office reads, “Deputies initially searched the area for over an hour both in the campground, and by boat on the lake but were unable to locate the males.”

The outlet states authorities returned a second time to search the same area. The secondary search was inspired after two piles of clothes and personal items were found on the shore. Officials state the area in which the clothing was found is a popular swimming hole. It is also shallow in depth. Though authorities searched the beach again after locating the clothing, they were still unable to find the missing men.

Authorities Enacted Extensive Search of Colorado Reservoir

Sadly, both men were later found dead. In speaking about the search, officials said, “Early Friday morning, when there was no indication that the males had returned overnight, an extensive land, air and water search was initiated by the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, Summit County Water Rescue Team and the Summit County Rescue Group.”

The statement further read the extensive search utilized multiple kinds of search teams, devices, and vehicles. These include land-based teams, boats, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS Drones), and underwater Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV Drones).

At 1 p.m. Friday, authorities finally located the two men’s bodies in about 15 feet of water. The outlet states they were located 100 feet from where they had originally left their clothes on the shore.

Lake Mead Visitor Drowns After Visitors Attempt to Save Him

The two men recovered from the Colorado reservoir last week are the most recent search and recovery subjects. However, earlier this month, visitors at Lake Mead National Recreation Area experienced a traumatic event of their own after they watched a man (44) drown after bystanders’ attempts to rescue him.

National Park Service rangers located and recovered the man’s body after he was seen struggling in the waters of the recreation area. Per the rangers’ account, the man had been trying to get back to his boat but had not been wearing any life-preserving equipment. Further, he was reportedly “unable to retrieve multiple life jackets that were thrown overboard from bystanders on the boat.”

Soon enough, the man went under the water and did not resurface.

While recovery efforts at the Colorado reservoir were later enacted by underwater drones, an NPS dive team wads employed to search the waters of Lake Mead for the man’s body. Heavy winds that evening suspended the search with the team returning Saturday morning and locating the body around 11 a.m. September 3rd.