Baby Cow & Owner Missing After Police Officers Found Them Sleeping by Alligator

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: oxygen

A calf and its owner are still missing after authorities found them sleeping beside a 7-foot alligator. Washington police arrived at a residence on October 20. Once there, they found an alligator and calf inside a container, according to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department in a news release.

Previously, animal control had received a complaint about the property, but a later investigation found no animals. However, after a second investigation, authorities located the animals. 

According to the sheriff’s department, the cow appeared sick upon further inspection. Later, officers returned with a warrant to seize the alligator and check on the baby cow. However, once they were there, the calf and the owner were gone. 

Sergeant Darren Moss Jr., public information officer at the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, later said there had been no updates on this bizarre case. The person and the cow’s whereabouts remain unknown. 

In addition, alligators are not native to the state, and it is illegal to own them as pets in Washington. 

“The alligator had free roam to move down to where the owner was sleeping. There was also just a small gate separating the gator from the baby calf. An alligator is a dangerous animal and people should not keep them for pets. They are kept at wildlife reserves and zoos. But there are usually trained professionals at those places and a lot more space that matches their natural habitats,” Moss said

Officers remove alligator, transport it to wildlife sanctuary

“Insurance definitely won’t cover you having an alligator in your home or cover if someone else is attacked or injured by the animal. On top of all that, it is just flat out illegal to own alligators in Washington State.”

On Twitter, a clip shows police officers trying to move the alligator from the shipping container to a safe location. “You’re doing good buddy,” an officer can be heard saying as they try to keep both themselves and the gator calm.

They finally get the alligator safely stowed in a vehicle. “You’re a good boy, you’re going to go play in a big open area.”

Authorities then transported the alligator to the Tacoma Humane Society in Washington. Once there, a wildlife rehabilitation sanctuary took custody of the gator. 

After examining the alligator, wildlife authorities found the animal to be in good health with no illness or injuries. The sheriff’s department said the gator will now “get to spend its time in a large habitat rather than a tiny storage container.”

“None of our deputies knew what they would be seeing that day. But you can bet they will have stories to tell for a lifetime about this encounter,” the sheriff’s department said in a Facebook post.