Baby Squirrels Face Dangers Falling From Trees During Hurricane Season

by Tia Bailey
(Photo via Getty Images/Stock Photo)

Hurricane season affects everyone greatly. Humans, technology, animals, and more. Something unknown is the dangers baby squirrels face during hurricanes.

One of the main parts of hurricanes is heavy rainfall, rough winds, and tree cutting in the aftermath. All of this leads to baby squirrels falling out of trees, as well as their nests, according to the North Carolina Wildlife Commission in a recent press release.

“A good practice is not to assume immediate intervention is the best way to help,” Falyn Owens, extension biologist for the Wildlife Commission, said in the release. “Pausing long enough to consult a wildlife professional before moving or caring for the animal can greatly increase its chance of survival.”

The NC Wildlife Commission’s website includes a directory of licensed wildlife rehabilitators. They all “specialize in caring for injured or orphaned wildlife.” Everyone in the directory is qualified to help people out in situations with animals.

“Humans simply are not as good at taking care of young wildlife as their mothers and not all young animals found by themselves have been abandoned,” Owens said.

Having professionals help saves both the squirrels and the people who may not know they are breaking the law.

“The possession of live, native wildlife is illegal in North Carolina, except particular circumstances that usually require a license or permit,” Owens said. “Despite a person’s best intentions, a wild animal is best left where it was found, or in the hands of a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.”

However, if you do call the line and nobody answers, Owen encourages people to leave a message in the release.

Squirrel Takes on Snake to Protect Her Babies

A video of a mama squirrel went viral the other day. The video shows a squirrel in a tree just above a snake. The squirrel pops out of a hole in the tree and attacks the snake. They then both fall to the ground.

@Natureismetal shared the video on Instagram.

They captioned the post: “Point Taken. video by @nuttmeg012
Mama squirrel makes it clear that the snake’s presence will not be tolerated. Mr snake will have to look somewhere else for his midday feast, this buffet is closed.”

Many people enjoyed the video.

“If squirrels weighed 80# they’d be among the most fearsome creatures on the planet,” one commenter pointed out. Another person wrote: “Squirrels are badasses. They will protect what’s theirs. My yard use to be a birds paradise and 1 squirrel put an end to that.He was very buff. Only the bigger birds dare land now.”

However, one person felt for both parties involved: “Following this page has made me sympathetic to be the squirrel and the snake. This is just survival,” they wrote.