Bald Eagle, Owl Killed by Raccoons at Kansas Nature Center

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

A bald eagle and barn owl were killed last week at Prairie Park Nature Center in Lawrence, Kansas by wild raccoons. The birds belonged to the Birds of Prey exhibit at the center. The raccoons snuck in through a space between an outside wood fence and the wired-fence cage area where the birds lived, according to local reports.

A release from the City of Lawrence said that the staff added further measures to strengthen the cage area and keep predators out.

The bald eagle was named Kansa. It had been acquired by the nature center back in January 2003 from the Kansas State University veterinary clinic. They received Kansa when it was just as a one-year-old bald eagle. Following extensive rehabilitation after Kansa suffered wing injuries in a collision with a powerline, the bird officially went on display in May 2003.

Serena, the barn owl, arrived at the nature center in 2011. She originally came from Walden’s Puddle in Tennessee.

The local Parks and Recreation staff are currently working on a tribute to honor the birds for their impact on the Lawrence community.

Lawrence is the sixth-largest city in the state and a college town, as it houses the University of Kansas and Haskell Nations Indian University.

Bald Eagle Brings Fawn Into Nest for Her Babies to Feed on in Shocking Video

In this shocking and graphic footage on YouTube, a bald eagle brings a fawn into its nest for the baby eagles to feed on. The footage was originally posted by a channel called “Explore Live Nature Cams,” which posts dozens of live streams from their nature cameras. They also post highlights from these streams in clips. The video below is one of these highlights.

The video begins as the bald eagle swoops in and deposits the remains of the fawn in the nest. Without question, the most striking image in the video is obviously the fawn’s decapitated head. The head is featured prominently in the clip.

The clip reminds us of the brutality of nature. Additionally, many of the viewers took to the comment section to echo that same sentiment.

However, keep in mind that the footage is graphic.


“Cycle of life nothing gets wasted,” one person wrote.

Next, another commenter had an equally cold observation. “I love how the mom eagle starts breaking off pieces for them. Reminds me of kids that ask to have there waffles cut into pieces.”

One commenter then added a sarcastic remark. “I just wanna know if the deer is okay and doin well,” they wrote.

“Now imagine stepping on your food and using your feet as a fork to hold it down,” another person commented.