Bald Eagle Rescued in Florida After Intense Midair Battle With Rival Eagle

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by ANP Sport via Getty Images)

Bald eagles are especially territorial so it was unsurprising when a battle between two of these raptors only ended well for one of them. Following an aerial battle Thursday evening, one bald eagle was rescued after it fell to the ground in a heap at the claws of the other territorial bird. Footage of the eagle rescue proved he was not an easy patient to aid.

According to the Facebook page for Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, rescuers received the call about the injured bird on November 10th. The call came from resident John Wheeler who said he saw two eagles fighting before they fell to the ground. However, per Wheeler’s account, only one of the birds flew off.

WTSP reports that the caller observed the bird overnight. But, when he still didn’t fly off, he called in the professionals. Responding to help aid the injured bald eagle were biologist Anni Mitchell and Regional Director Chris Wynn. The rescue was actually Wynn’s first, however, footage shows that he was not afraid to come to the eagle’s aid. And that’s despite the creature’s extremely sharp beak and claws.

Per the news outlet, the bald eagle was then taken to the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. There, medical experts would provide him with proper treatment. Hopefully, with the help of professionals, the large bird will be back flying and fending off invaders in no time.

Viewers shared their awe and appreciation for the animal’s rescuers in the comments following the Facebook post.

One view wrote, “I applaud those involved in this rescue, would love to track his recovery.”

Another said, “Thankful for your compassionate selfless service.”

Authorities Searching for Culprit That Shot Federally Protected Bald Eagle in Idaho

Most Americans cherish the sight of the bald eagle, especially as it functions as a symbol of freedom here in the United States. However, in Idaho, authorities are on the hunt for a person who instead shot and killed a bald eagle with a “small caliber firearm.” Bald eagles are not only protected by the federal government but the state of Idaho also has laws in place protecting these raptors.

Conservation officers from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game responded to a call about a dead eagle found in a field in Bern, ID. They located the deceased creature on November 6th.

Upon locating the eagle, officials stated it looked as though the bullet had struck the bird’s leg before penetrating its abdomen. It was then only able to travel a short distance before it died to to severe blood loss.

Senior Conservation Officer Kolby White with ID’s Department of Fish and Game spoke out about the state’s most recent eagle tragedy.

“It’s always a tragedy when a bald eagle dies by hitting a powerline or colliding with a vehicle,” he said. “But this was no accident. Someone purposely shot this symbol of freedom.”