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Bear Cubs Released Back Into Colorado Wilderness After Mother Charged Human

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

It was a big day earlier this week when officials from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department released two bear cubs that had been in their care for over six months. These cubs were successfully released into the wild by officials from the Frisco Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Del Norte, reports state.

The Two Female Bear Cubs Were Found In A Tree After Their Mother Was Put Down

These two female bear cubs came into the care of the Colorado wildlife officials after they were discovered in a tree, recently orphaned. They had been in the facilities at the Frisco Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Colorado for just over six months. When the pair arrived they weighed a scant 15 pounds.

The pair was brought into the center after their mom was shot after charging at a Colorado landowner who ultimately shot the bear. It was shortly after this that the young cubs were discovered in the tree just a few yards away.

The Orphaned Cubs Were Raised “Hands-Off” So They Could Return To The Wild

The two orphaned female cubs may have been under the care of officials after they were found in the tree shortly after their mother’s death. However, the Colorado area wildlife officials were careful to raise the two orphaned bear cubs with a special “hands-off” approach.

The experts took caution staying away from the cubs as much as possible, staying out of sight, and avoiding nearly all contact. Employees at the rehabilitation center even avoided talking around the animals during their care. The experts were careful to do this so the bears wouldn’t get comfortable with the sounds of humans.

While at the Colorado rehabilitation center, the orphaned bear cubs were raised in a space that measured around 1/3 of an acre. This area also included plenty of trees to climb. As well as a raspberry bush, and plenty of food…which was supplemented by the experts carefully. All in a continuing effort to teach the bears the importance of hunting.

The Animals Were Released Together In Southwest Colorado

Both of the bear cubs were released into the wilderness on National Forest Land. Reports note this area is located in the southwest area of Colorado. The same official that saved the orphaned bears was present during their release. Additionally, both animals have been equipped with GPS tags. This is so the officials to keep track of the bears as they acclimate to the new environments.

“It may have been a sad story to start,” notes a recent statement from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials.

“But we are hopeful these bears will live a long, healthy life,” the statement notes. “Far away from humans.”

“Good luck out there, little sows,” the statement adds.