Bear Dies After Being Hit by Car in California: PHOTO

by Lauren Boisvert
(Image Credit: Patrick Pan/Getty Image)

A car hit a black bear on a Southern California highway recently, resulting in front-end damage to the car and the bear’s death. The collision happened last Thursday evening, Sept. 22, on remote State Route 178 near Lake Isabella. The lake is located in the southern area of the Sierra Nevada.

According to the Kern County Fire Department, the car hit the bear at around 9:30 pm. The airbags were deployed and the car sustained front-end damage, but the driver was not hurt. Unfortunately, the bear died. The fire department notified the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. According to KBAK-TV, this is the second bear-related collision on State Route 178 in the past two months.

Bear Breaks Into Animal-Proof Trash Can In Middle of Road, Stopping Traffic

A recent incident in Alaska proves that the term “bear-proof” is a loose descriptor at best. A female bear took a battle with a bear-proof trash can into the street as she struggled to find food for her and her cubs. The cubs waited patiently at the edge of the road at the tree line while mom made surprisingly quick work of the trash can.

The sow first knocks over the can and drags it to the middle of the road. Then, she jumps on the side of it a few times, rolls it over, and repeats the process. It looks like she’s putting repeated pressure on the sides to try and pop the lid off. But, this is also a common method for bears to kill prey.

Finally, with one more pass at the can, the sow is able to unlock the lid and get at the trash inside. While the cubs were intrigued by the sight and smell of garbage, mama quickly discouraged them from running out into the middle of the road. She grabbed one of the bags and ran into the woods, babies in tow.

Right now, as we head into hibernation season, these crafty animals are out looking for food wherever they can get it. And that sometimes means digging through our trash. Even when it seems like bear-proof trash cans don’t work, such as in this instance, it’s still important to lock up your garbage, outdoor fridges, or pet food. It’s also important to remove fruit from bushes and trees in your yard. That way, bears who wander into your neighborhood don’t start associating your house with food. Bear-proof trash cans are more bear-resistant, in that they’re much harder to get into, and the animals will likely give up before they break in. They tend to go for the easiest meal, but some bears are more determined than others.