Bear Jumps Out of Tree, Severely Injures Colorado Woman: Report

by Emily Morgan

We now have new details regarding the report of a recent bear attack in Colorado.

At around 2 a.m. on Wednesday, Colorado State Patrol notified Colorado Parks and Wildlife about a bear attack that had recently occurred. During the early morning hours on Wednesday, a Colorado woman was confused when she noticed that the lid to her hot tub was partially uncovered. When she went out to adjust the cover, a sow went after the woman after it jumped from a tree.

The animal took a swipe at the woman, hitting her and severely slashing her arm. As a result, she had to seek medical treatment. Before, the woman was lucky enough to escape the animal and retreated inside to call 911.

After making the call, New Castle Police arrived on the scene. They later received the go-ahead from wildlife officials to shoot and kill the sow they found in a tree near a middle school.

At around 3 a.m., wildlife officials arrived and decided to euthanize one of three cubs in the area. However, they were initially unable to conclude which bear was involved in the gruesome attack.

After an investigation, the department determined that only the sow was responsible for the attack. The remaining cubs in a nearby tree were tranquilized and taken to a rehabilitation facility to keep for evaluation.

In the past, people had seen all four bears in the area, but they had not shown any violence or aggression toward humans.

In Colorado, bear attacks on humans aren’t expected. However, it’s not entirely unheard of since there are between 17,000-20,000 bears that call Colorado home.

How to bear-proof your home

Most of the time, aggressive incidents between humans and the animal occur when the animal feels threatened, gets caught off guard, or is looking for food. In addition, losing the fear of humans is often a factor. This phenomenon can bring bears closer to cities and towns.

If you reside in bear country, it’s vital to know what you can do to mitigate the risks should you come in contact with a bear. First, remove any bear attractants from your area, including items such as trash, bird seed, open water, and food. All these items draw bears in and make you a high-risk target for a conflict. In addition, when you’re outside at night, be mindful of the area. Use flashlights and make noise to keep them away should they be around.

Moreso, loud noises like yelling, clapping your hands, banging on pans, or blowing an air horn will send bears away. In addition, you can also put in electric fencing around your home. You can even put in scent deterrents like ammonia to teach bears that your home is not bear-friendly.