Bear Kills Family’s Pet Pig, New Hampshire Fish and Game Open Investigation

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: fotoslavt

The New Hampshire Fish and Game have opened an investigation following a bear attack that left one family’s pet pig dead. According to reports, the bear broke into the pig’s pen and viciously attacked the family’s pet.

“We all became pretty attached to him in the short time we had him,” said grieving owner Kelly Martin following the incident.

According to Martin, her 4-month-old pig, dubbed Crimson, was staying at a family member’s home when they got the tragic phone call on Saturday morning.

“You never, ever assume a bear is going to break in. We had just built the door; it was a brand-new door and it was very solid,” she said. “It was locked. But he just busted right through.”

Fish and Game conservation officer Jim Cyrs said there’d been a lot of concerns about bear activity in the area recently. But, according to Cyrs, while it’s unusual, it’s not totally uncommon for an incident like this to occur.

“It’s not uncommon behavior for a bear to potentially do that if it’s looking for food,” Crys said.

Cyrs adds that this bear was not considered aggressive. However, he recommends that pet and livestock owners ensure their pens are secure and that their feed is well-contained.

Family’s pet pig set to be honorary mascot before fatal bear attack

Sadly it’s too late for Crimson’s family, who say he will be dearly missed. Martin’s son and niece won Crimson in a pig scramble at the local fair a few weeks ago.

Her son also plays football and Concord High School and said the pet pig was set to be the school’s honorary mascot.

“My niece got him a little maroon sweater and got him trained to go on the harness and walk so he was going to go out next weekend on the field. But it won’t happen now,” Martin said sorrowfully.

Recently, a family pet dog was also killed in Franklin, New Hampshire, over the weekend. Fish and Game said they’re still investigating how that happened but do not believe it was a bear.

In addition, a bear attacked a 10-year-old Connecticut boy leaving him with non-life-threatening injuries. Now state authorities are investigating the attack.

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) said the attack occurred around 11 a.m. Sunday. The bear has since been euthanized.

According to the DEEP, the young boy was taken by ambulance to a hospital, where he was treated for his injuries. In Connecticut, bear sightings have increased in recent decades. The DEEP has been following the increased bear population since 1980.

According to the agency, if you come across a bear, observe it from a distance. You can also make your presence known by shouting and waving your arms, or walking slowly away.