Bear Sighting in Pennsylvania Results in Fatal Car Crash

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/ Raymond Gehman / Contributor)

A bear sighting in Luzerne County leads to a deadly two-car accident Saturday night. According to reports, the incident occurred along Route 11 in Pennsylvania’s Plymouth Township.

According to the Pennsylvania State police, 58-year-old Richard Kazmerick was driving northbound along Route 11 when the accident occurred. Reports note that the driver slowed down for a bear that had wandered into the roadway. However, the vehicle behind Kazmerick’s did not see the stopped vehicle. As a result, the car driving behind Kazmerick was not able to stop on time and slammed into the car.

Pennsylvania Bear Sighting Leads To Traffic Fatality Over The Weekend

According to the reports, Kazmerick of Exeter passed away at the hospital from injuries sustained in the accident. His 57-year-old passenger sustained minor injuries stemming from the crash.

Two passengers from the other vehicle were taken to an area trauma center. Both were adjected from their vehicle upon impact. The driver of the second vehicle was 21-year-old Daniel Arnold and Arnold’s 19-year-old passenger Amy Berry was taken to the area trauma center.

Watch As A Montana Bear Hangs Out In The Hallways Of An Area Apartment Complex

Black bear populations are on the move right now hoping to continue sourcing food as the cold makes these resources scarcer and scarcer. As a result, the animals are likely to be moving into areas that are often more populated by people while on the hunt. Like this one bear that decided to spend its day hanging out the apartment hallways of a Missoula Montana complex.

“Looks like we have a new tenant at my apartment building…” the post says as the clip featuring the wandering bear continues.

As the video plays, we see a black bear as it’s making its way to an apartment complex building. According to a report on MSN, the person taking the video Zach Kaplan is a reporter. So, he was in it for the long haul when he first spotted the bear. And soon the reporter found the wild guest running throughout the Missoula Minnesota complex. Even taking time to hang out in the hallways.

“Update,” Kaplan writes in his Twitter post.

“he’s just hanging here. (On the first floor of my apartment building),” he continues. “Game warden is here trying to coax him out of his den.”